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Saturday Morning Quarterback

Andy Reed [email protected] • Updated May 9, 2014 at 10:50 PM

Today is May 10, and except for the hotter weather, lawn mowing replacing Christmas shopping and the NFL draft instead of bowl games, it seems like December.

In December, you have shopping, Christmas parties, family gatherings, football bowl games, basketball.

Now, it’s the end-of-school-year stuff – field trips, graduations, TCAPs, soccer, baseball, softball, weddings, birthdays.

Then, it was the end of the calendar year. Now, it’s the school, or fiscal, year.

Who schedules all this anyway?

A person I know had two softball games involving his daughters [he’s a coach] and two other events he was supposed to be involved in on the same night.

My two daughters have each had an overnighter the last couple of days. There’s soccer [weather permitting] and a wedding [not in the family, yet, thank goodness] today. Preschool and kindergarten graduations are staring us in the face.

There’s also a birthday to be mixed in and we’re not sure when we’ll celebrate that. It’s not mine or we’d just drop it and I’d stay the same age for another year.

Anyone with kids or are involved with kids can relate.

It’s just as hectic in the local world of sports. The life of spring has exploded with the late arrival of warm weather. Games are also in full bloom and my desktop is loaded with photos I’m trying to get into the newspaper.

At the high school level, district tournaments are giving way to regionals with everyone trying to extend their seasons until the grand finale at Spring Fling in Murfreesboro.

And they’re not immune to scheduling conflicts either as they have to work around proms and academic banquets.

Cumberland is trying to end a three-year drought and return to the NAIA World Series. Men’s tennis already has a date booked for its national tournament.

And CU, just like high school teams later if they reach Spring Fling, has to work around graduation.

Interesting how a school’s social calendar in the fall revolves around the football schedule, but spring sports itineraries have to be written in pencil because of weather, proms, banquets and commencements.

But just as the unwrapping of presents on Christmas morning signals the beginning of the end of the holiday season [the final end isn’t until the New Year’s bowl games], this, too shall soon end.

Spring Fling will end, Memorial Day will arrive and, just like that, the light switch on the TSSAA sports calendar will be turned off, and we’ll be toning the motor down from 80 mph to 20.

Yes, there will be Little League and other sports of summer. But it’s not like during the school year.

I’ll look back on this month with fond memories when it’s over. But right now, I’m kind of looking forward to Memorial Day.

Fire up the grill.

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