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    Scouts, residents help beautify Lebanon street

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    Lebanon resident Robin Carr wanted to help beautify his hometown, and he and several others spent Saturday planting trees on S. Hartmann Drive.

    S. Hartmann Drive from Interstate 40 to W. Main Street was given a facelift as the men planted about 100 Rising Sun Redbud trees donated by Ray and Cindy Jackson of Jackson Nursery in Belvidere.

    Carr began coordinating the project after meeting the Jacksons last fall. He found out the couple is responsible for this particular variety of redbud. The Jacksons have specialized in developing new varieties of redbuds.

    “The Rising Sun Redbud is very easy to grow, thrives in full sun and provides spectacular results,” Ray Jackson said.

    Carr said Lebanon Home Depot manager Jim Prichett provided soil amendments and fertilizer while Absolute Rentals in Lebanon provided a track-hoe to assist Boy Scout Troop 206 from Friendship Christian School in planting the trees. Andy Willis and his son, Rhett, operated the Kubota track-hoe, digging the holes while Scoutmaster Clark, his assistant scoutmasters and young men from Troop 206 planted the trees.

    Anyone interested in more information regarding the redbud trees can go to jacksonnursery.com to view the tree the Jacksons developed and have begun to market throughout the U.S.

    Carr also thanked the city of Lebanon for providing traffic safety as the work crew moved along S. Hartmann Drive.

    “A special thanks to each of the businesses for their donations and to the 13 individuals pictured above for their hard work in this effort to help beautify our city,” said Carr.

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