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    Kellan Publishing announced the Aug. 12 release date of the chilling mystery-crime thriller, “The Pickup Guy,” by award-winning Middle Tennessee author and songwriter Thornton Cline with Tyler Wootton. 

    The almost-taboo and untold subject is a chilling and haunting recollection of desperate college student, Jason Sear’s around-the-clock work driving a death cab as “The Pickup Guy” for Burns Brothers Funeral Home picking up dead-on-arrivals, suicides, dismembered corpses and any body the funeral home sends him to get. Sears finds himself involved in unscrupulous and shady dealings with Chad Burns, the son of the funeral home owner. Sears faces two choices, quit the funeral business as the pickup guy or continue down the dark path of destruction, losing Savannah and facing serious prison time. 

    Imagine such desperation to pay bills and stay in college to have to resort to picking up dead bodies for a funeral home to survive. Based on a true story, Sears tells his chilling, mystery-crime thriller recollections and how he almost didn’t make it out alive. 

    The public is invited to a free online pre-release party Aug. 11 at 4 p.m. at thorntoncline.com. Free prizes, authors’ readings and a chance to meet “The Pickup Guy” will be offered.

     “I couldn’t make up this story as hard I could try. Yet it is based on a true story,” said Cline, a Cumberland University professor. “Much of this story is true, and the name and identity of the source is being protected.”

    Cline is writer of 25 traditionally published adult and children’s books, 1,000 published songs, 150 recorded songs and a certified platinum award for sales of more than 1 million album units in Europe. Cline was nominated multiple times for Grammy and Dove awards. He was honored with songwriter of the year twice in a row and won the Maxy Literary Award 2017 for children’s young adult book.

    For more information about “The Pickup Guy,” visit thorntoncline.com or kellanpublishing.com/thornton-cline.

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