• Oakley crowned Fairest of the Fair

    By Staff Reports -

    Fifteen contestants crossed the stage Monday night at the Wilson County Fair’s premier pageant, Fairest of the Fair, and Addison Grace Oakley won the crown. 

    Contestants first came out in casual attire to introduce themselves and welcome everyone to the fair. They then rapidly changed into their formal dresses and came back out one by one to pose for the crowd and the judges. 

    Finalists included Emmie Dodd, Kinsley Barga, Victoria Patterson, Bailey Roddy, Oakley, Lily Steed, Olivia Teague, Mattie Ray, Emerson Kelley and Deya Wuerdig-Van Winkle. 

    The 10 finalists answered the question, “As an ambassador for Wilson County, why would someone want to visit your community?”

    Second runner-up Teague, daughter of Alex and Daine Teague, of Lebanon, is a senior at Lebanon High School and enjoys baking, acting and modeling. 

    “As an ambassador for Wilson County, you would want to visit our community because it’s such a welcoming place to be. It makes you feel right at home, even when you’re new. I moved here five years ago and knew no one here and they made me feel right at home right when I got here. And I’ve never regretted it since. I feel like I’m right at home always. They’re all welcoming and you feel like you’re family to everyone,” Teague said in response to the question. 

    First runner-up Steed is the daughter of Donnie and Amy Steed, of Lebanon, a senior at Mt. Juliet High School and serves as president of the Wilson County Youth Fair Board, studying and publicly speaking about agricultural issues. 

    “Let me tell you, there’s plenty of answers to that. One thing I would want somebody to visit our community for is to see how great our community is together. I volunteer for the Wilson County Fair and I get to see everybody banding together that half a million people come to experience that,” Steed said. “I really enjoy community service. Just keep doing it and lead by example, and I really appreciate the Wilson County community as a whole,” Steed said in response. 

    Fairest of the Fair Oakley is the daughter of Clark and Lisa Oakley, of Lebanon, a senior at DeKalb County High School and enjoys kayaking, traveling and spending time with family. 

    “I think people will want to visit Wilson County, because there are so many friendly faces and so many successful people built out of this county and so many historical places to visit. It’s just a great town with friendly faces and so many people that you can look up to,” Oakley said in response to the question. 

    Bailey Roddy won Miss Congeniality. 

    The Fairest of the Fair pageant is for 16-20-year-old girls and held annually at the Wilson County Fair. Andy Brummett served as host for the event. 



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