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    By Matt Masters -

    Mt. Juliet author Rachel Martin will be featured on the Today Show on Friday to promote her new book, “The Brave Art of Motherhood: Fight Fear, Gain Confidence, and Find Yourself Again,” which chronicles the challenges and rewards of life and motherhood.

    Martin moved to Mt. Juliet from Minnesota two years ago, a move that was a major change of climate but has become a place where she and her children can call home.

    The mother of seven has taken life’s ups, downs and challenges and crafted words that speak to the vulnerability of life and motherhood.

    “I write about motherhood, but not in how to be a better mom or what to make for dinner, but rather the journey we go through as moms. I share about the power of showing up, the importance of not forgetting yourself and the need to live with bravery. Through the years, I’ve written about celiac disease, as my youngest son, Samuel, was diagnosed with it when he was 16 months old, about anemia, which is something I deal with, about being a single mom and about pursuing your dreams and talents in the midst of the busy days of motherhood,” Martin said.

    Martin has blogged for 10 years, where she gained a following at findingjoy.net.

    From bite-sized musings to longer-form writing, Martin gives a glimpse into the depths of life and parenting, the good days and the not-so great.

    “I have learned to give myself grace in my parenting journey and to understand that I’m not alone. But it also keeps me accountable to my own words. If I write about letting go of the bad days or being proud of what you accomplish. Then, I need to listen to my own words, as well,” Martin said.

    While Martin is excited by her successes, the attention and following Martin’s work has received has not come easy, as she has opened up to the world for years to get where she is currently. Throughout the journey she has kept looking forward with the goal of success in mind, from pulling herself out of poverty as a single mother of seven to being named one of Inc. magazine’s top 40 entrepreneurs. But the journey is not over.

    “The moment we articulate what we hope for we establish something that is a goal. And then we get to decide, pursue it or ignore it? Now, that being said, I have been writing for a long time and pushing myself. Sometimes when something would go crazy viral – we have a post with 1.9 million likes – I’d hope for the opportunity, but it wasn’t the right time. So I learned to have patience, to celebrate the wins of others and to keep trying,” Martin said.

    Martin’s words remind readers life’s challenges are obstacles to be tackled on the way to goals and happiness, especially in the daily test of motherhood. Martin illustrates the point in a post called “I forgot how to be a happy mom.”

    “It’s about grace today. And knowing that happy can come back. And maybe maybe maybe just allowing yourself a moment to be happy and to let the cares of the world and never ending to-do’s fall off of your back just for a moment. It’s in stepping back and working hard to get that deep breath and to fill your head with words about the awesome that you do versus telling yourself all the things you didn’t do. It’s in letting that laugh come back and the wonder that your kids have mastered but you’ve temporarily lost in the busy,” Martin said. Martin’s new book, “The Brave Art of Motherhood,” is available at braveartofmotherhood.com and major retailers, and her blog can be found at findingjoy.net.

    Watch Martin on the Today Show on Friday at 7 a.m. on NBC, which is Channel 4 locally.

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