• Guard changes at Lebanon Rotary Club

    By Jacob Smith -

    New officers were appointed Tuesday at the Lebanon Noon Rotary Club’s weekly meeting as Teresa Musice took over as president, along with other members who filled vacant spots.

    Previous president Laura Headley passed her gavel on to Musice, who will be the third woman president in the history of the rotary club, following Lucy Lee and Headley. Musice spent the last year serving as president-elect under Headley.

    “I wasn’t kidding when I said that my best friends are in Rotary,” said Headley. “One of my best friends of all is going to become your president, so please support her.”

    Headley gave her gavel to Musice, who then announced the incoming leadership staff for the club, including president-elect John Pope, secretary Linda Hackett, treasurer Rusty Richardson, membership chair Charnell Johnson, sergeant at arms Elaine Nawiesniak, parliamentarian Chris Townsend and board members Bob Black, Nancy Willis, Ryan Bennett, Shawn McBrien, Jenny Bennett and David Penuel.

    Also at Tuesday’s meeting, the club recognized certain members who had achieved milestones. Club member Nancy Willis was named a Paul Harris Fellow and recognized as a member for 10 years.

    Also recognized were Charnell Johnson and Tory Tredway for five years of membership, Payne Bone and Scotty Ricketts for 10 years of membership, and Alfred Adams was honored for 65 years of membership.

    “I was at a Castle Heights football game in 1953 when Dr. Hill came up to me and said, ‘would you like to be in Rotary?’” said Adams. “He was the president, and I said, ‘that would be nice,’ so I joined, and I’ve been in ever since.”

    The club will not meet July 3 for the Independence Day holiday, but will be back July 10 at noon at First United Methodist Church in Lebanon.

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