• Nancy Evins: A hand from not so long ago – two weeks actually

    By Nancy Evins -

    I’m still having a lot of mood swings about one other hand my partner and I played two weeks ago. Some moods are happy that I was back, even for one game, and the members welcomed me warmly. 

    Some were happy because I still remembered the basic rules and made a couple or three contracts for a top score. Some are still puzzled over why the hands went the way they did, and here is one of them.

    Three partnerships went down at three no-trump, and one went down at two no-trump. The two that went down at three got different leads.

    North opened one no-trump with his 16 points, and I bid two no-trump with no four-card major. So he goes to three as he should. 

    East is on lead and leads the queen of spades. Why not the king? I don’t know. Must be part of their system, but I would have thought that denied the king.

    Therefore, opponent can and will take four tricks in spades immediately, but where can they pick up another trick? No matter what is led, North must take the trick and then lead to a top club in dummy. 

    Now, he starts the finesse with the queen of diamonds and gathers in six diamonds, one heart and three clubs for an overtrick.

    Where have I gone astray here? Anyone who sees a problem with this, please write me. Oh, yes. The ones who made three and up to seven no-trump all got club leads. Wish we had.

    Nancy Evins, of Lebanon, is a certified bridge instructor. Email her at [email protected]

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