• Goodlettsville firefighters loan engine to Mt. Juliet

    By Matt Masters -

    Mt. Juliet firefighters continue to operate with help from the Goodlettsville Fire Department, which recently lent Mt. Juliet one of its engines while two of Mt. Juliet’s engines are repaired.

    According to Deputy Chief Chris Allen, Engine 104, which is based at the south station, awaits routine maintenance that was delayed due to a wrong part shipped. Squad 103, based at the center city station, is believed to have a blown head gasket. The repairs mean both engines could be out of service for a few weeks.

    Allen said citizens would still see the same response and service out of emergency services as departments from neighboring towns and precincts often work together to tackle situations.

    “No fire department can handle every situation alone. In Wilson County, the leaders of Wilson Emergency Management Agency, Fire Department of Mt. Juliet, Lebanon Fire Department and Watertown Volunteer Fire Department have worked hard to share resources and work together on larger incidents. Earlier this year, we deployed as a county to cover the city of Lawrenceburg when they suffered a line of duty death of a firefighter,” Allen said.

    Allen also said the state is working to build a strengthened mutual-aid system, which means better communication and teamwork will help first responders to bring aid to citizens in any location or situation.

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