• Cedar Senior Center in Lebanon received a $10,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and honored one of its staff members Friday during its community lunch.

    The $10,000 will go help fund discounted meals provided through the center for Lebanon’s senior community. The center provides more than 10,000 meals a year and offers a place to socialize, play games, check out books from its library and gather in fellowship.

    Kenneth Nelson, president of the Cedar Seniors Center, and secretary Joyce Simms also honored outgoing treasurer Linda Vaughn, who they said helped the center in any way she could through the years. They presented Vaughn with a plaque and a gift bag during Friday’s lunch.

    “The biggest thing is for the elderly to come for fellowship and to have a decent, cheap meal. All of these people like to come for fellowship, that’s the biggest thing,” Vaughn said. “This has been great, but I’m looking forward to retirement.”

    Cedar Senior Center accepts donations and volunteers.

    In 2018, the Community Foundation awarded more than $2.72 million in grants to 453 nonprofit organizations.

    The Community Foundation connects generosity with need to build a stronger community for the future. To learn more, visit cfmt.org.

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