• There’s a right season for all produce to grow

    By Staff Reports -

    Ah, the grocery store – it’s a place where nearly all your food dreams can come true, where strawberries can be had any day of the year, where spinach looks lovely even in the middle of winter.

    But most of us might have an inkling that all that produce you can buy in the grocery store isn’t necessarily in season when it’s available. Thanks to the miracle of modern agriculture, those strawberries can be grown thousands of miles away – maybe even shipped across the ocean – and still be mostly fresh.

    But there’s a cost for this always-available produce. For one, buying out of season means that items probably were harvested fairly early, and may not have their full nutritional value. It’s also contributing to waste, as it takes fuel and effort to get that produce to stores in a timely manner. 

    Produce that is in season usually does not rely on the same waxes, chemicals and preservatives. When picked in peak season, produce often tastes better and has more vitamins and minerals.

    Eating seasonally often means eating what local farmers grow.

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