• Tirado becomes Pilot at Cumberland

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    Carlos Tirado is a junior marketing major at Cumberland University from Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico. 

    In addition to studying business in the classroom, he tackles it first hand. Carlos was interested in marketing since high school and frequently craves to find creative outlets, so he decided to start his own clothing brand, Pilot. 

    “Once I found the right partner and had time, I can honestly say it was easy and fun. We even made a little money,” Tirado said. “Above all, my project would also function as a great way to showcase my talent and work in a unique way.”

    According to his brand’s website, Pilot is a “contemporary fashion label that values creativity, work and vision.” 

    The mission of the project is to “provide those with vision a platform where they can be inspired by our work and the work of others in the Pilot community. Take charge, take flight and become the pilot.” 

    Cumberland students were introduced to Pilot when Tirado presented the brand at the 2017 Colloquium. 

    Tirado chose to attend Cumberland because he “felt camaraderie when I visited and because of the diversity, sociability and fellowship on campus.” 

    He also competes in track and cross-country and is vice president of Cumberland’s Student Government Association. Once he completes his undergraduate degree, Tirado plans to get a master’s degree in New York, Spain or France.

    Check out the Pilot brand at pilotbrandco.com.

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