• Last-minute reminders for Election Day voters

    By Matt Masters -

    As voters in Wilson County get ready to head to the polls Thursday, there are a few things to keep in mind.

    Voting will take place from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. at 25 different polling locations across the county.

    Voters must be registered and have a valid Tennessee state or federally issued photo identification with them to be able to cast a ballot.

    A total of 17,473 votes were cast during early voting, which is a voter turnout of about 22 percent.


    Polling Locations

    Precinct          Polling Location                                 Address


    1-1                  St. Stephen Catholic                          14544 Lebanon Road, Old Hickory

    2-1                  Mt. Juliet Elementary School            2521 W. Division St., Mt. Juliet

    3-1                  West Wilson Middle School              935 N. Mt. Juliet Road Mt. Juliet

    4-1                  West Elementary School                  9315 Lebanon Road, Mt. Juliet

    4-2                  WEMA Station No. 6                          5873 Hwy. 109, Lebanon

    5-1                  Berea Church of Christ                     5555 Coles Ferry Pike, Lebanon

    6-1                  Carroll-Oakland School                     4664 Hunters Point Pike, Lebanon

    7-1                  Shop Springs Baptist Church           3022 Sparta Pike, Shop Springs

    7-2                  Southside School                               1224 Murfreesboro Road, Lebanon

    8-1                  St. Stephen Catholic                          14544 Lebanon Road, Old Hickory

    9-1                  Watertown High School                    9360 Sparta Pike, Watertown

    9-2                  WEMA Station No. 7                          7239 Greenvale Road, Norene

    10-1                Charlie Daniels Park             1075 Charlie Daniels Pky., Mt. Juliet

    11-1                Rutland Elementary School 1995 S. Rutland Road, Mt. Juliet

    12-1                Norene Community Center              11770 Cainsville Road, Norene

    12-2                Cedars of Lebanon State Park         Cedar Forrest Road, Lebanon

    13-1                Gladeville Community Center          95 McCreary Road, Gladeville

    14-1                Wilson Central High School              419 Wildcat Way, Lebanon

    15-1                Tuckers Crossroads School              5905 Trousdale Fry Pike

    16-1                Center Chapel Church                      9500 Central Pike, Mt. Juliet

    17-1                Maple Hill Church of Christ             102 Maple Hill Road, Lebanon

    18-1                Lakeview Elementary School           6211 Saundersville Road, Mt. Juliet

    19-1                Jimmy Floyd Center              511 N. Castle Heights Ave., Lebanon

    20-1                Market Street Comm. Center           321 East Market St., Lebanon

    21-1                Southside School                   1224 Murfreesboro Road, Lebanon

    21-2                Fairgrounds- Gentry Bldg.                945 Baddour Pkwy., Lebanon

    22-1                W.A. Wright Elementary School       5017 Market Place, Mt. Juliet

    23-1                Lebanon High School                                    500 Blue Devil Blvd., Lebanon

    24-1                First United Methodist Church        415 West Main St., Lebanon

    25-1                Mt. Juliet High School                        1800 Curd Road, Mt. Juliet

    25-2                Mt Olivet Baptist Church      7463 Hickory Ridge Road, Mt. Juliet



    Who’s Running

    Republican and Democrat Primaries

    Governor (no incumbent)


    • Diane Black

    • Randy Boyd

    • Beth Harwell

    • Bill Lee

    • Basil Marceaux Sr.

    • Kay White


    • Karl Dean

    • Craig Fitzhugh

    • Mezainne Vale Payne


    U.S. Senate


    • Marsha Blackburn

    • Aaron L. Pettigrew


    Phil Bredesen

    • Gary Davis

    • John Wolfe


    U.S. Congress 6th District (no incumbent)


    • Bob Corlew

    • Judd Matheny

    • Christopher Brian Monday

    • John Rose

    • Lavern “Uturn Lavern” Vivio


    Dawn Barlow

    • Christopher Martin Finley

    • Peter Heffernan

    • Merrilee Wineinger


    State District 17 Senate


    • Mark Pody (incumbent)


    Mary Alice Carfi


    State District 46 House of Representatives (no incumbent)


    • Clark Boyd (incumbent)

    • Menda McCall Holmes


    Mark Cagle

    • Faye Northcutt-Knox


    State District 57 House of Representatives


    • Susan Lynn (incumbent)

    • Aaron Shane


    Jordan Cole


    State Executive Committeeman District 17


    Jerry Beavers

    • Dwayne Craighead


    Aubrey T. Givens


    State Executive Committeewoman District 17


    Terri Nicholson

    • Jennifer Franklin Winfree


    Carol Brown Andrews


    Wilson County General Election


    Wilson County Mayor

    • Randall Hutto (incumbent)

    Mae Beavers



    Jim Major (incumbent)

    Al Partee Jr.


    Register of Deeds

    Justin Davis

    Jackie Murphy


    Wilson County Clerk

    Jim Goodall (incumbent)


    Circuit Court Clerk

    Debbie Moss (incumbent)



    • Robert Bryan (incumbent)

    • Ray Justice


    Wilson County Board of Education Zone 2

    Bill Robinson (incumbent)

    Matthew Mock

    • David Burks


    Wilson County Board of Education Zone 4

    Linda Armistead (incumbent)

    Maurisa Pasick


    Wilson County Board of Education Zone 6

    Johnie Payton (incumbent)

    Kimberly McGee


    Wilson County Board of Education Zone 7

    Gwynne Queener (incumbent)

    Chad Karl

    • James “Rusty” Keith


    Lebanon Special School District At-Large Member

    Steve D. Jones (incumbent)


    Wilson County Commission District 1

    Robert Fields

    Tim Roehler


    Wilson County Commission District 2

    Cyndi Bannach

    Howard Blaydes

    • Jeff Hartline


    Wilson County Commission District 3

    Bobby Franklin (incumbent)


    Wilson County Commission District 4

    Chad Barnard (incumbent)

    Ken Shorey


    Wilson County Commission District 5

    Jerry McFarland (incumbent)

    Bill Jones


    Wilson County Commission District 6

    Kenny Reich (incumbent)

    Kevin Graves


    Wilson County Commission District 7

    Terry Scruggs (incumbent)


    Wilson County Commission District 8

    Frank Bush (incumbent)

    Kevin Costley


    Wilson County Commission District 9

    Sara Patton (incumbent)


    Wilson County Commission District 10

    Dan Walker (incumbent)

    Stephen Thomas


    Wilson County Commission District 11

    John Gentry (incumbent)


    Wilson County Commission District 12

    Terry Ashe (incumbent)


    Wilson County Commission District 13

    Sonja Robinson (incumbent)

    Philip Delozier

    • Dallas R. Farmer


    Wilson County Commission District 14

    Bob Clarke

    • Tommy Jones

    • Michael Ramsey


    Wilson County Commission District 15

    Chris Dowell

    Charmaine H. Major


    Wilson County Commission District 16

    Diane Weathers (incumbent)

    Todd Almond


    Wilson County Commission District 17

    Gary Keith (incumbent)


    Wilson County Commission District 18

    Lauren Breeze

    Bob Richie


    Wilson County Commission District 19

    William Glover (incumbent)


    Wilson County Commission District 20

    Annette Stafford (incumbent)

    Michael Anthony Neal


    Wilson County Commission District 21

    Mike Kurtz

    Eugene Murray


    Wilson County Commission District 22

    Wendell Marlowe (incumbent)

    Henry Jackson

    • John Jankowich

    • Matt Wilson


    Wilson County Commission District 23

    Sue Vanatta (incumbent)

    Billy King


    Wilson County Commission District 24

    Joy Bishop (incumbent)

    Kristi Galligan


    Wilson County Commission District 25

    Arlie Bragg

    Preston George

    • John Wayne Hamblen

    • Justin Smith


    Constable Zone 1

    Jacob A. Austin


    Constable Zone 2

    Wesley Winthrop Thompson III


    Constable Zone 3

    Frank Guzman

    Alan Kaiser


    Constable Zone 4

    Jenny Lenning-Faulk

    Thomas Marshalek


    Constable Zone 5

    Ronnie Greer

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