• UPDATE: Burglar strikes New Leash on Life

    By Jared Felkins -


    Lebanon Police reviewed surveillance footage from inside New Leash on Life where they saw a white man inside the building carrying a backpack. Police are seeking the public’s help with identifying the suspect. Police ask that anyone with information contact Detective Whitefield at 615-453-4345 or [email protected]

    Video courtesy of the Lebanon Police Department Facebook page.

    Lebanon police responded to a burglary call early Thursday morning at New Leash on Life. 

    Officers arrived at the animal shelter’s adoption center at 507 Jim Draper Blvd. at about 3 a.m. and found a window broken on the side of the building between the shelter and the Joy Clinic, where animals are spayed and neutered. According to New Leash on Life director Angela Chapman, the window was about 6 feet off the ground. 

    “He cut his hand or something, because there was blood in the bathroom and in the washroom,” she said.

    According to Chapman, the burglar apparently used a piece of metal pipe about 6-8 inches long and about ½-inch in diameter to try and break in through a front window, but wasn’t successful due to the safety glass. 

    “They were able to shatter it, but they weren’t able to break through it,” Chapman said.

    Chapman said all of the animals were accounted for and safe.

    “There were some things that were disturbed, but we just can’t find anything missing,” Chapman said.

    A security camera caught the burglar on video, and police described him as a white man who carried a backpack. Lebanon police spokesperson Sgt. P.J. Hardy said it’s likely a picture of the suspect would be released sometime Friday. 

    Other than the broken window, no other damage or stolen items were reported. 

    “Thank you to the Lebanon Police Department for their quick response, thorough investigation and most of all for their caring way of working around our adoptable cats and dogs,” Chapman said. 

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