• Wilson Central debuts video production trailer

    By Angie Mayes -

    Wilson Central High School sports information department students debuted their new 24-foot media trailer Thursday that will allow the department to film sports and other events, edit footage and prepare it for broadcast while in the field.

    “This is a culmination of a lot of hard work and some dreams coming true,” said Wilson Central teacher and sports information department adviser Jay “Doc” Holladay.

    The students decked out the trailer with tables, monitors and storage areas.

    “The kids raised the money for some it, and they put blood, sweat and tears into it, literally,” Holladay said. “It’s something that will benefit the sports department here and benefit Wilson County and the school system, really.”

    He said the trailer will go to sporting events and “any event that might need some type of exposure. We can videotape it; we can save it and give them an SD card or stream it live, whatever they want.”

    Senior Dakota Russ, who was instrumental in the department getting the trailer, said he was in Holladay’s class his freshman year, and Holladay mentioned the need for such a unit for the press box.

    “I came in a few days later and said, ‘I want to do this. I don’t know what it is, but I want to do that,’” Russ said.

    He said the first away game the crew went on consisted of five members. There are currently about 30 members of the team.

    “I’m honored that I got to be a part of the whole journey,” Russ said.

    Senior Jordynne Loy said she was “really happy on the inside,” as she looked at the trailer. “We’ve come a long way since my sophomore year. My senior year, this is a big deal.”

    Former student Daniel Bradley shared how the trailer came to fruition.

    “A few years ago, Cleveland High School came to town for a football game,” said Bradley, who noted the video team not only brought a trailer with them, but also multiple pieces of video equipment. “Doc and I went to Waffle House after the game and talked about being out-funded and out-produced. I almost teared up when I saw this.

    He said Holladay is “one of those people you want to work with. He gives people chances to fail, learn and grow from that. This is all good stuff for him, and he earned it.”

    Another former student, Christian Kaposy, said he started on the crew as a freshman. He said a broadcast camp with the National Federation of State High School Associations changed everything.

    “I went to a broadcast camp in Atlanta,” Kaposy said. “I came back and said, ‘I know you have your own program, but if we start something with NHFS, then we can have something big. This will be the fourth year of NHFS, and you can see what they’ve done with it. It’s been a pretty big move they’ve made.”

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