• Wilson County Schools cancels bus routes due to driver shortage

    By Staff Reports -

    Wilson County Schools officials announced Wednesday it is in “desperate need” of bus drivers.  

    While the school year started off strong, several drivers were recently forced to retire or take medical leave due to illness, school officials said. That, combined with an increase in student population, created a dire situation that forced the transportation department to cancel routes, and additional routes will likely have to be cancelled by the end of the week. All affected parents will be notified as decisions are made, according to Wilson County Schools spokesperson Jennifer Johnson.    

    “As you may remember, the starting pay for new drivers was recently raised to $17 per hour with a guarantee of at least four and a half hours per day,” Johnson said. “Drivers who have previous experience and a CDL license will be paid in accordance with the salary schedule.”

    For drivers with up to three years of experience, pay is $17 per hour. Drivers with four to nine years of experience receive $20 per hour. Those with 10-15 years of experience receive $23 per hour, and pay is $25 per hour for drivers with 16 or more years of experience.

    All positions include Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System retirement, along with free access to CareHere clinics in Mt. Juliet and Lebanon. For more information about how to apply, call 615-443-2622 or to apply visit wcschools.com and click on the apply link under the human resources tab.

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