• Burton chosen as mayor pro-tem

    By Sinclaire Sparkman -

    The Lebanon City Council met in a special-called meeting Thursday evening, with one item under new business, the selection of a mayor pro-tem.

    Ward 1 Councilor Joey Carmack nominated Ward 2 Councilor Fred Burton for the position.

    Newly sworn in Ward 6 councilor Jeni Lind Brinkman said she would like to look at the rules regarding the mayor pro-tem position, since the mayor pro-tem would currently replace the mayor for the entirety of his term if he became unable to serve.

    “I wanted to make sure that everyone was aware that,” Brinkman said. “God forbid, if something happens to our mayor, and he is unable to serve in his capacity, that mayor pro-tem actually serves the full-time status until the next city election. I’m pretty sure that when the charter was written, many of the council members were retired or had the ability to serve full time at a moment’s notice. It kind of limits those who can serve as mayor pro-tem. I would be willing to work with the council to amend the charter at some point. I think we should, in the best interest of the city, look at a scenario where the mayor pro-tem serves in a part-time capacity with the full support of the council and maybe hire an interim city manager to serve the city, authorized by the city council, guided by the city council, until the next mayoral election. I feel like it makes us vulnerable as a city when it limits who can serve as mayor pro-tem.”

    Mayor Bernie Ash’s term as mayor will end in November 2020.

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