• Ann Haney: Smart marketing creates sanitary solution

    By Ann Haney -

    Editor’s note: This is a reprint of an earlier Ann Haney column.

    Let’s face it. Marketing is the key to every businesses success. We have seen numerous marketing tactics, but have we seen all there is to see when it comes to smart marketing? 

    A new company is taking another angle on marketing by combining a dual solution that curves the appetite while it cleanses the hands. Grabbie’s Media has come up with a unique solution to an ongoing problem gas stations have struggled with for quite some time – customers who pay at the pump but never set foot in the store. 

    The problem leads to decreased sales inside. Up until now, gas stations have attempted to lure people inside with suggestive sales tactics by putting televisions that offer you deals while conversing with you while you pump your gas. However, this alone has not majorly shifted the sales to show an increase. Their attempt to attract consumer attention through technology addiction has not proven as successful as they had hoped. 

    For many consumers, the pump is set while they get back in their car to wait for it to signal shut off, thus defeating the purpose of the marketing attempts. 

    However, Grabbie’s Media may have found the solution that drives consumers inside. Obviously, since the attempt to lure them in by enticing them with hunger-satisfying snacks on television has not worked, what about increasing their awareness about germs at the pump and offering a solution? Grabbie’s Media is test marketing disposable compostable gloves in stores in the Denver area. It partnered with some major companies like Coca-Cola, Jack Links and Monster, which have agreed to offer coupons for their products attached to the gloves. 

    Creative marketing meets the sanitary solution. After all, if you haven’t thought about it, the gas pump touches as many hands as do door handles. That’s a scary thought. If you’re not one to carry hand sanitizer with you after pumping gas, a trip inside might save you a trip to the doctor. 

    If this marketing idea proves to be successful in the Denver area, we can be sure it will make its way across the country in the near future. Keep a look out next time you go to fill up. You might get to grab a glove, get a goodie and keep the germs at a distance all at the same time. 

    Ann Haney is a mother to six entrepreneurial-minded children, ordained minister, CEO of Aaron Publishing, founder of Ann Haney Ministries and Living In Abundance, nationwide motivational speaker, coupon specialist, empowerment coach and bestselling author of 20 published products. Ann Haney Ministry’s vision helps women know the root of their challenge and deliver them from the death grip it holds on their life by surfacing their inner beauty and confidence, helping young people discover their God-given purpose and pursue it with passion, helping men and women learn to use the resources available to them to overcome their circumstances and helping those recovering from life’s choices and challenges receive second chances without condemnation. Contact Ann at [email protected] to schedule a speaking engagement, individual coaching or view her website for more information at annhaney.com.

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