Senior Crimestoppers starts at Highland Rim

Residents at Highland Rim Terrace celebrate the facility becoming the first Portland location for Senior Crimestoppers. They are pictured with Clayton Hannah, Toni Harper and Amanda Dixon (all of Volunteer State Bank), George Clinard (Vice-President of Senior Crimestoppers), and Ed Lynn (Highland Rim Terrace Administrator). (Leader photo/Sonya Thompson)

Residents of Highland Rim Terrace were part of a unique presentation last week as they became the first location in Portland to join Senior Crimestoppers, thanks to a partnership with Volunteer State Bank.

Senior Crimestoppers is a crime prevention program that protects the elderly from theft, abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation. It is administered by the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation.

George Clinard, vice-president of Senior Crimestoppers, was joined by Shannon McDonald, Senior Crimestoppers field representative, as a plaque was presented to facility administrator Ed Lynn. The plaque will hang in a prominent location at the facility as it declares the facility a Senior Crimestoppers facility.

“This marks the formal announcement that Highland Rim Terrace is joining the Senior Crimestoppers program,” Clinard said. “I just want to say congratulations and welcome.

“We want to recognize and thank Volunteer State Bank because they’re providing the funding so that everyone who lives here receive all the benefits of the Senior Crimestoppers program and all the expenses are picked up and covered by Volunteer State Bank. This is a local community bank that is giving back right here in their community. I’d like to say thank you.

Senior Crimestoppers started in Memphis in 1994 and today the program is active in 47 states.

“Our mission is to provide a safe, secure living and working environment for residents of senior living facilities,” Clinard added. “The program has reduced overall incidents of crime nationally by over 94 percent, and that is a big, big number. The reason that number is so big and the reason the program works so well is that we have a group of components that work together to reduce or prevent crime.

“The first component is the charter membership plaque that certifies that Highland Rim Terrace is a charter member of the Senior Crimestoppers program, and that you are sponsored by Volunteer State Bank. When people come into your home and see this, it sends a message that you have zero tolerance for crime. The next component are lock boxes for you to use in your room. They come with a wristband and a key. It’s a wonderful way to lock up your stuff so you know where it is. That’s the mean reason our program is so effective.

“This lock box stops so much of the smaller crime that is going on. In the unlikely event that some kind of incident should occur, we offer cash rewards of up to $1,000 for tips called into our office, and we also make it easy to collect that money by offering a toll-free tips line that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

Volunteer State Bank presented a $250 “Wish Comes True” check to the facility as part of the program.

Clayton Hannah, Relationship Manager at Volunteer State Bank, spoke on behalf of the bank, stating “When we had the opportunity to partner to do this, it was a no-brainer —- we jumped in and we’re glad we can team up with you guys here.”

The bank also participates with the facility by sponsoring their Christmas meal, as well as providing gifts to the residents.

“We love our community and everyone that’s involved in it,” Clayton said. “All of our seniors, whether they’re new to the area or grew up in this community, we don’t want them to be left out. Anything we can do to keep them involved in the community and to help them to feel safe and secure with this program, we love to do.”

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