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Paving the way for better roads

By Kimberly Jordan [email protected] • Dec 17, 2015 at 6:21 PM

The city of Lebanon is entering paving season and has several roads on its list for 2014.

According to Jeff Baines, commissioner of public works, road maintenance is critical for a couple reasons.

“Safety is certainly an issue,” said Baines. “Secondly for us is, if you don’t maintain them and let them deteriorate to the point as we’ve got one or two now; if you don’t get them resurfaced, you see the alligator cracks starting, all the sudden you get water under there.

“Next thing you know you’ve got big potholes, and if you’re not careful, you could lose your street and all the sudden you’re not resurfacing a street, you’re rebuilding a street,” he said.

There are currently 86 roads on the annual paving contract.

“The council looks at it, and certainly they can take away or add to. If they add to they’ve got to fund it of course, and that hasn’t been a problem so far. I suspect what’ll happen this year is there’ll be a couple streets added and the budget will get amended to cover those roads,” said Baines.

One recent addition to the list is repairs to the railroad crossing on West Main Street near Maple Street. 

City council recently approved an appropriation of up to $55,000 to repair the crossing. 

According to Jeff Baines, commissioner of public works, the work will likely begin in late May or early June. It will require closing a portion of West Main and detour traffic for the duration of the project, which he said would probably last three or four days.

The funds that are being used for the projects this summer were approved in the 2013-2014 budget, said Baines.

Digital Content Director Sara McManamy-Johnson contributed to this story.

Roads scheduled for repaving during the 2014 paving season

• Arlington Road from Roanoke Drive to Saratoga Drive

• Bay Court

• Belcher Drive

• Bellevue Drive

• Bent Tree Court

• Blairmont Drive East

• Briarcliff Drive from Pinewood Drive to Chapman Drive

• Cadet Court

• Cairo Bend Road from Hwy 70 West to the city limits

• Callis Road from the city limits to the city limits

• Cedar Creek Lane from Highway 109 to Genesco Parkway

• Cedar Way Drive from 350 feet of W. Raspberry Ln. to Chapman Drive

• Clubhouse Lane from Hickory Ridge Road to East Division Street

• Cook Drive from Geers Drive to Palani Circle

• Dakota Drive from Smith Drive to Ponderosa Trail

• Division Street East from Highway 109 to Short Section

• Dixie Avenue from 231 South to the creek

• Eastgate Boulevard from Highway 109 to Martha-Leeville Road

• Eastgate Court North

• Eastgate Court South

• Elkins Drive

• Ewing Court

• Geers Court from Geers Drive to 650 feet South of Geers Drive

• Geers Drive from Highway 70 West to 600 feet South of Cook Drive

• Genesco Parkway

• Hampton Drive from Bethlehem Road to Roanoke Drive

• Hatton Avenue South from West Main Street to West Spring Street

• Heydel Circle

• Hiawatha Drive from Cherokee Drive to Indian Hill Road

• Hillakes Lane from Sparta Pike West 400 feet

• Hunters Drive from Pinewood Drive to Chapman Drive

• Indian Hill Road from Blair Lane to Bethlehem Road

• Interstate Drive

• Keaton Street from West Spring Street to Hickory Court

• Knoxville Avenue

• Lake Street from Rogers Street to Forrest Avenue East

• Leeville Pike from Highway 109 to 300 feet East

• Legacy Lane from Legends Drive to Walmart

• Legends Drive from Legacy Lane to Tater Peeler Road

• Lei Lani Drive from Highway 70 • West to Palani Circle

• Lilac Drive from Maple Hill Road to Dakota Drive

• Maple Street South from West Main Street to Gay Street

• Martha Circle from Powell Grove Road to the city limits

• Monument Lane from Blair Lane to 800 feet West of Blair Lane

• Monument Lane from Geers Lane to 200 feet East

• Moody Court from Castle Heights Avenue to 400 feet East of Castle Heights

• Nolan Street

• Outlet Village Boulevard

• Palani Circle from Lei Lani Drive to Lei Lani Drive

• Palmer Road from Highway 70 West to the city limits

• Parkside Circle from Cainsville Road to Cainsville Road

• Pinewood Drive from Hunters Drive to Raspberry Lane

• Pocahontas Trail from Bethlehem Road to Indian Hill Road

• Posey Hill Road North from Interstate 40, 1400 feet North

• Powell Grove Road from Highway 109 to the railroad tracks

• Princeton Drive to the East and West off of Wrightford

• Prowell Lake Road from Highway 70 North to the city limits

• Quarry Loop Road from Highway 70 West to the city limits

• Railroad Avenue

• Raspberry Lane from Pinewood to Cedarway Drive

• Rocky Road from 1000 feet South to Hickory Ridge Road

Rosa Drive from Castle Heights Avenue to 200 feet East of Kent Drive

• Safari Camp Road from Highway 109 to Callis Lane

• Somerset Drive from the West Hill Drive Extension to Tuckers Gap

• Southfork Court

• Southfork Drive from Highway 70 West to Cartel Drive

• Southside Park Drive from 231 South to Stumpy Lane

• Spring Street West from the railroad tracks to South Greenwood Avenue

• Tater Peeler Road

• Tater Peeler Road Southeast from 231 South to the city limits

• Treasury Lane from Gloucester Drive to Smith Drive

• Upton Heights East Loop

• Upton Heights East Stub

• Upton Heights Northwest Loop

• Valley View Circle from Old Horn Springs Road to Springdale Drive

• Valley View Court

• VIne Court

• Wagoner Street from Castle Heights Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue

• Western Avenue from Highway 231 North to 350 feet West

• Wildcat Way

• Willard Hagan Drive

• Woodall Road from Callis Road to the Woodall Subdivision

• Woodmont Avenue from Highway 231 North to Hunters Drive

* Roads may be added or deleted from this list.

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