New film to bring evolution-creation issue to the forefront

Staff Reports • Dec 17, 2015 at 8:03 PM

The age-old question is part of the plot from the new movie by filmmaker Rich Christiano in “A Matter of Faith,” which opens Feb. 6 at the Roxy Theatre in Lebanon.

The story is about a Christian teenager who goes off to college for her freshman year and begins to be influenced by her popular biology professor who teaches that evolution is the answer to the origins of life. When the teen’s father senses something changing with his daughter, he begins to examine the situation. What he discovers catches him completely off guard. Concerned about his daughter drifting away from her Christian faith, he tries to do something about it.

The film features Jordan Trovillion (“Jack Reacher”), Jay Pickett (“General Hospital”), three-time Emmy nominee Harry Anderson (“Night Court,” “Dave’s World”) and Clarence Gilyard  (“Matlock,” “Walker Texas Ranger”) in the lead roles.

“We wanted to make a film that brought the issue of creation vs. evolution to the forefront,” director Rich Christiano said.  “A film that would be fair to both sides and allow the viewer to make a choice.  What bothers me is that the idea of evolution is taught in our schools and universities across this great land of ours basically as a matter of fact.  But, no one can prove evolution since no one was present in the beginning to witness it, just as no person was there at the beginning to witness creation.  Therefore, both of these teachings become a matter of faith, not fact.  One of the purposes of the film is to create some intelligent conversation about this issue.”

The film is brought to the area locally through the efforts of Andrew Ammons, a local resident.  

“Inspirational Christian films have done a lot of good for viewers and families over the years,” Ammons said.  “We need to keep getting this genre of film out to a wider range of audiences.  I think many people who have never seen a Christian film will be surprised at the quality of these films but more impressed with how they feel after watching one.  A good Christian film can inspire you, offer solutions to everyday problems people face, and is safe viewing for all ages. We believe ‘A Matter of Faith’ will do all of the above and more.”

Many Christian leaders who have previewed the film are praising its biblical message.  Both Ray Comfort and Ken Ham describe “A Matter of Faith” as a must-see.

“A great movie,” Comfort said. “Heartwarming, educational God-honoring, and timely.”

“We don’t endorse very many movies, not even many of those that are supposedly Christian based,” Ham said, “but we are fully behind ‘A Matter of Faith’”

Harry Anderson, wanted to play Professor Kaman, who is the atheistic biology teacher in the film.  

“I really liked the script,” Anderson told the producers. “It was very fair.”

Jay Picket, who plays the role of the caring father Stephen Whitaker in the film, could relate since his daughter is currently in college.

“Playing the role of Steven Whittaker was something I could easily relate to,” Pickett said.  “As a father with the daughter in college, you’re always concerned about their well being and what they are learning.”

“The response from pastors and viewers across the country has been very encouraging,” Christiano said. “I think viewers will be entertained and inspired, especially with the film’s ending.”

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