Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI) special agents are currently investigating the circumstances involving in an incident that occurred on Saturday night in Trousdale County.

The incident ultimately resulted in an AMBER Alert being issued on Sunday morning for a brown-haired, blue-eyed, five-month-old baby girl after the Trousdale County Sheriff’s Office responded to the situation.

Because the incident involved a missing child, the sheriff’s office turned over the case to the TBI.

“We sent the AMBER Alert out and had the TBI run it,” said Trousdale County Sheriff Ray Russell “We have to notify the TBI to do it. Once we got our information, we turned it over to the TBI and let them work it.”

Information collected by the TBI indicated that a local 36-year-old woman was involved in a domestic dispute with her 42-year-old boyfriend, who was also the father of the child in question.

Although law enforcement responded to the woman’s residence at 2389 Highway 231 in Trousdale County, according to Russell, the dispute on Saturday began on the side of another road, which is less than a mile from the residence.

“(The incident) happened on Carr Lane in Castalian Springs,” said Russell. “It took place at the side of the road at a pull-in.”

After the altercation, the child’s father drove away from the scene with the infant in tow and struck the child’s mother with his vehicle.

By the time police arrived, the father and the baby were gone.

When the AMBER Alert was first issued by the TBI, it stated that the man and child were believed to be in a dark green, spray-painted Dodge pickup truck.

Although the woman was hit by the vehicle in the Saturday altercation, she returned home that night but later died on Sunday morning.

At approximately 7 a.m. on Sunday morning, the TBI issued the AMBER Alert. However, the alert was called off soon after when the child was found safe and the father turned himself in to the police.

“It does take time to do an AMBER Alert, but he (the child’s father) turned himself in when he found out that we were looking for him,” said Russell. “TBI agents, along with a couple of detectives and a deputy were all on the scene when he turned himself in.”

According to TBI officials, the man was taken into custody without incident but has since been released.

At this time, no charges have not been filed regarding the altercation, as a TBI investigation into the death of the woman remains active and ongoing.

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