Americolor LLC is currently moving its commercial printing operations to Hartsville. The company will be located on Planters Street and expects to add as many as 50 jobs to the local economy.

Hartsville will soon be the new home of a commercial printing company that will also be looking for local employees.

Americolor LLC will be leaving its location in downtown Nashville and relocating to 113 Planters Street, the former Carey Brothers building. The Vidette recently spoke with Matthew Hershkowitz, one of the company’s managers, about the move to Hartsville.

“We do a lot of printing of catalogs, catalog sheets, postcards, posters — anything that’s full color we can do,” Hershkowitz said. “We also do digital printing; pretty much a full range of commercial printing.”

Hershkowitz said the company opted to leave Nashville as many of its clients are outside the downtown area.

“The land value has gone crazy (in Nashville), but most of our clients are nationwide,” he said. ‘We don’t really need to be in Nashville for our clientele. We were looking for a nice, safe place to call home where we can keep our key employees. We’re also hoping to hire a bunch of Hartsville people.”

The company is looking to fill positions in areas such as day laborers, mailroom, branding specialists, cold call sales, customer service, graphic designers, web designers, bindery helpers & operators, handwork helpers, press helpers and pressmen.

Hershkowitz said the company currently has around 110 employees and said things were slow because of COVID. Sixty or so will be making the move to the company’s Hartsville location, which will open up 50 jobs and potentially more as operations move closer to normal.

“If you’re an experienced pressman, you’re talking $22, $24 an hour,” he said. “A lot of the lower-wage positions would be $12 to $15 per hour.”

Pay depends on experience and Hershkowitz said the company was willing to train new employees.

“That’s how a lot of our people got up there,” he said. “We started them as helpers on our equipment and the people willing to progress made it up to higher levels.”

Americolor LLC has already moved its mailing division to Hartsville and has already hired some telemarketers. Hershkowitz said the transition could be completed as soon as October or November, depending on the state of business.

Applications can be filled out on site or résumés can be emailed to Anyone wishing more information is invited to call 615-983-8261.

Reach Chris Gregory at 615-450-5756 or

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