The Chamber of Commerce has created a directory of Trousdale County that lists businesses, government contacts and also provides information on schools, the hospital and the county’s history.

The Chamber of Commerce has a new tool in its arsenal when it comes to promoting Hartsville/Trousdale County, in the form of its 2021 directory.

The 2021 Chamber Directory was put together by Chamber Director Natalie Knudsen, who got the idea from her husband Paul’s business travels.

“Paul brought me back a similar product from Broken Bow, Nebraska, which is in the middle of nowhere,” she said. “I read the brochure and the magazine and was like, If I can want to go to Broken Bow, people will want to come here if we can do something similar.’ ”

The 30-page directory contains information on local government, a complete listing of each Chamber member business with contact information, a piece on the history of Trousdale County written by County Historian John Oliver, and writeups on the county’s school system, hospital, library and Highway Department.

“This is a professional product that shows who we are,” Knudsen said. “We wanted to highlight the things that Trousdale County is known for.”

The directory was supposed to come out in 2020 but the pandemic slowed things. On the other hand, the additional time allowed the Chamber to sell enough ads to completely pay for the production of the directory.

“There was no money out of the county’s or the Chamber’s budget. I’m really proud of that,” Knudsen said.

The cover art for the directory was selected by the Chamber after a photo contest. Karen Moreland Photography won for the front cover, which displays local farmland, and Rose Kelley won for the back cover, which displays a local barn.

“We gave prizes and Regina (Waller) judged them,” Knudsen added.

Knudsen said she hopes to be able to update the directory every year or two, depending on how this initial version is received. Free copies will be available at the County Administration building, Wilson Bank & Trust, Citizens Bank, Twice Daily and other businesses around town.

“I think once people see it, they’re going to get excited to see what a product it is and how it highlights our county,” Knudsen said.

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