Commission to discuss zoning amendment for mining activities in Trousdale County photo 1

On Monday, the Trousdale County Commission discussed an amendment concerning zoning for mining activities in Trousdale County as one of many issues that the commission will look at its upcoming meeting next Monday.

The Trousdale County Commission held its regularly-scheduled work session on Monday night at the Trousdale County Courthouse.

The commission discussed its agenda for this Monday night’s commission meeting, with one impassioned issue that will be addressed at the meeting being zoning for mining activities in Trousdale County.

It has been an emotional topic for many county residents, particularly for those who live in district 6 (the district surrounding the proposed Hunters Point Quarry).

Any decisions made by the county commission on mining activities could directly impact the outcome of the proposed Hunters Point Quarry project.

A public hearing and a second reading of ordinance 243-2022-13 — which is the zoning amendment for mining activities in Trousdale County — will be held on Monday night.

“This (amendment) was recommended by the planning commission back in May,” said Trousdale County Commission Chairman Dwight Jewell. “The codes and zoning committee looked at some other wording to take it out of the A-1 zoning district and leave it strictly in M-2.

“We had our first reading on it last month. (Monday night’s meeting) will be a public hearing and second reading.”

Trousdale County residents who live in district 6 are closely monitoring the outcome of this zoning amendment as they want to make sure that their homes and neighborhoods are protected by this, or any, piece of legislation.

“Looking this over, I feel like this (amendment) will get us where we need to be at this point in time,” said Jewell. “There may be some things we would like to clarify and add to it going forward. Right now, we would like to get this on the books.”

Many district 6 residents have made it clear that the decisions made by local officials concerning mining activities could directly influence their votes in the upcoming Aug. 4 election.

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