Farmer’s Harvest opened for business Saturday, giving Hartsville another dining option. Justin and Sunshine Gregory decided to open a restaurant after the success of their food truck.

Hartsville has a new option for dining out with the long-awaited opening of Farmer’s Harvest restaurant.

Located on Broadway in the former location of HomePro (next to Fred’s), Farmer’s Harvest offers meat & three options with farm-raised fresh meat and produce and creamery ice cream.

The restaurant is owned by Justin and Sunshine Gregory, who also operate the Farmer’s Produce store at the intersection of Highways 25 and 231.

The Gregorys had hoped to have the restaurant open last summer but were delayed after having to remodel the building to accommodate their new venture.

“It was a blank shell; my wife had a vision,” said Justin Gregory. “She and the contractor made it what it is.

“We’ll be serving our beef and our pork through it all. When the produce comes in, we’ll have our vegetables here to keep us supplied during the winter.”

Feb. 13 was the restaurant’s first day and was a rounding success, based on comments on Facebook.

“Hartsville truly showed up for us today as well as many fellow businesses from around town,” a post from the owners stated.

Gregory said they are using a greenhouse to be able to grow fresh vegetables during the winter months for Farmer’s Harvest.

The couple eventually plans to offer specials such as Friday night fish and steaks once “we get under our feet a little,” he said.

Farmer’s Harvest also has a meeting room available for group events that will seat around 100 people. There will also be an on-site bar in the future, as that part remains under construction.

The idea for opening a restaurant came after Justin and Sunshine opened a food truck at their produce store. The results were better than expected and opened the door for this venture.

Justin said the pandemic did not give them any pause about opening Farmer’s Harvest, as the economic hit to the restaurant industry has been a formidable one.

“We had a food truck at the produce stand and we didn’t open that until COVID started,” he said. “We started it because a lot of my buddies talked about how hard it was to find something to eat during that time.

“We opened it and were feeding truckers, first responders and hospital workers for free. The community helped out so much that we were pretty much just out our time. Everyone was saying, ‘You need to go ahead and open a restaurant.’ So here we are!”

Farmer’s Harvest is open Tuesday through Friday from 10:30 a.m.-8 p.m. for lunch and dinner, and Saturdays from 7 a.m.-8 p.m. for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant can be reached at 615-374-7991 and also via its Facebook page at

Reach Chris Gregory at 615-450-5756 or

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