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Misty Kay Mungle (at left) is holding a fundraiser for her mother, Vickie Thaxton (at right), today at the Trousdale County High School auditorium, located at 262 West McMurry Blvd. in Hartsville. The money raised will help ease medical expenses as she battles through cancer.

Vickie Thaxton, 58, has been a familiar face around Trousdale County High School for more than 25 years.

She has helped to ensure the security and maintenance of the school building and has made many friends along the way.

However, when she was diagnosed with cancer approximately six weeks ago, her world changed.

“I was diagnosed in February,” said Thaxton. “The cancer started with the breast and moved to the bones. I have three spots on my spine, one spot on my hip, and, I think, a spot on my tailbone.”

Trousdale County High School Principal Casey Kuhn added, “It’s just heartbreaking to get a diagnosis like that. Vickie and I have worked hand-in-hand with the safety of everybody and making sure that the building is functioning. It’s all really just heartbreaking”

With such a challenging diagnosis, Thaxton’s family and co-workers have rallied around her as a solid support system to help her through this difficult time.

“I have a wonderful family and co-workers,” said Thaxton. “They are my support system. I have a good family. That’s for sure.”

Thaxton’s daughter, Misty Kay Mungle, added, “I’m doing everything I can for my mom. She’s not just my mom ... she’s my best friend. That’s why we are doing a fundraiser for her.”

Today, at the Trousdale County High School auditorium (located at 262 West McMurry Blvd. in Hartsville), family and friends are holding a fundraiser for Thaxton to help ease some of her medical expenses while fighting her battle with cancer.

“The fundraiser starts at 11 a.m.,” said Mungle. “Insurance doesn’t pay it all. So, we’re doing a silent auction, a bake sale, and the BBQ Shack is going to be there. There are people coming down from Kentucky to do cornhole, but to sign up for cornhole, you need to be here by 10 a.m.”

Kuhn added, “There is the fundraising event (today). The students here are asking how they can donate, because they recognize how much Vickie does here. All the students love her. It’s really cool to see this community of students and teachers rally around her like this.”

At this time, Thaxton is not exactly sure what her course of treatment will be, but she expects to find out later this month.

“My treatment path will come on April 19,” said Thaxton. “If the bone biopsy shows the same kind of cancer as the breast cancer, we’re going to start with pills. Right now, (it’s) no surgeries, but that could change on the 19th.”

For those interested in donating, today’s fundraiser will be the first of several that family, co-workers, and students have planned in order to help Thaxton move forward in her fight against cancer.

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