Trousdale County’s swimming pool is expected to be open this summer after closing in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trousdale County’s swimming pool will be open this summer, barring any further restrictions from the governor’s office.

Members of the Parks & Recreation Committee voted at their Feb. 11 meeting to open the pool, which had to be closed last year amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even with the pool open some restrictions will have to remain in place, Chairman Bubba Gregory told commissioners.

“There will be a lot of limitations if we open the pool,” Public Works Director Cliff Sallee added.

Guidance from the governor’s office for all swimming facilities requires limiting group sizes, modifying layout of tables and chairs to ensure social distancing between family groups, providing physical reminders for social distancing such as signs or lane lines in the pool and implementing cleaning and disinfecting practices.

Additionally, the concession stand will have to follow the same COVID-19 guidelines as restaurants. Sallee said the only problem with social distancing on site might be the children’s pool area.

Staffing ought not to be a concern, as Sallee said his office had already received calls asking about lifeguard positions this summer. Anyone interested can call 615-374-9574 for more information.

Prices will remain the same as last year — $5 per day, $65 for an individual pass and $175 for a family pass to cover up to six people. A $10 discount on passes will be given on opening day, as has also been done in previous years.

Pool parties will be available on a three-hour basis from 6-9 p.m. during the summer.

The pool is tentatively scheduled to open on Saturday, May 22. No closing date has been determined and will be decided upon at a later date. Prior to last year’s closing announcement, commissioners had discussed keeping the pool open for a few weeks after the opening of school.

Whether the pool will stay open late also remains to be decided. In 2019, the pool was open on Tuesdays until 10 p.m. and commissioners last year had indicated a desire to keep that in place.

Commissioners also discussed replacing the wooden light poles at the Little League baseball fields with aluminum poles and LED lighting.

Commissioner Landon Gulley, who has previously served as a Little League board member, said he had gotten a preliminary estimate of $151,665 for replacing the poles at the two main fields — the Little League field and the softball field.

“All this is just the materials,” Gulley said.

The committee voted to authorize the mayor’s office to solicit bids for replacing the poles at all four fields, with a decision to be made at a future meeting.

Commissioners also heard a presentation on adding a nine-hole disc golf course in the park, with an estimated cost of $8,000. Discin’ Disciples, a group that sponsors events throughout Middle Tennessee, made the presentation.

Disc golf uses Frisbee-like discs that are thrown at a target and is considered one of the fastest-growing sports in the U.S.

“Kids, older people enjoy this… it would be an addition to our park,” said commissioner Dwight Jewell.

The committee voted for preliminary authorization to proceed, pending a formal proposal with costs.

Mayor Chambers reported on the status of two grants the county had sought in relation to the park. Trousdale County did not qualify for a Built Environment Grant that would have allowed for resurfacing the tennis courts. A second grant that would redo part of the playground sidewalk to ADA standards and put ADA-compliant equipment in the playground is still being considered, Chambers said, and the county hopes to hear something by the end of the month.

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