This is one of the two books on Trousdale County history put out by the Historical Society.

The Hartsville Civic League, which oversees the upkeep and maintenance of the historic old Hartsville Cemetery, has two projects this holiday season.

The first is the ongoing sale of the two-volume history of Trousdale County written as part of the celebration of the county’s 150-year anniversary. We became a county in 1870.

The two volumes cover the complete history of the county, from the Native Americans to the present. Volume one is a collection of over 900 photos gleamed from the collection of the Trousdale County Archives and the Historical Society. Volume two is a collection of 238 articles on the history of the county, written by county historian John Oliver and previously published in the Vidette in Oliver’s weekly history column, Looking Back.

Individually the books sell for $60 each. But the Civic League is keeping a special pre-publication price of $100 if you buy both.

The books can be purchased from any board member of the Civic League, at the County Archives every Wednesday (when the Archives are open to the public, from 9 a.m.-noon) or in the lobby of either Citizens Bank or Wilson Bank & Trust.

The set would make an excellent gift for the Christmas season, and all of the profits go to the cemetery fund.

Former resident Jud Patterson has the Civic League’s second project under hand. Jud has a business that does imprints on such things as mugs, T-shirts, etc. He is offering two nice porcelain Christmas ornaments at his website (judsdesigns.com). One has the county logo and the second has a design that recognizes the county’s 150th anniversary. A portion of each sale also goes to the cemetery.

Both are available in time for Christmas delivery.

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