Tennessee Wildlife Federation’s Hunting and Fishing Academy is offering free virtual classes for those wanting to learn new outdoor skills or brush up old ones.

To see a full list of upcoming classes and sign up, visit tnwf.org/virtual.

The Academy’s virtual classes are hosted live throughout the year, revolving through seasonal topics. Learn from experts on a range of outdoor topics including hunting and fishing best practices, camping essentials and more.

Upcoming classes

July 27 Planting Fall Food Plots for Deer with Wade Gefellers

Aug. 10 Archery Hunting for Deer

Aug. 17 Dove Hunting 101

Sept. 14 Treestand Safety

Sept. 16 Camping in the Smokies

Oct. 14 Trot Line and Jug Fishing 101

Oct. 19 Introduction to Muzzleloading

Nov. 9 Duck Hunting 101

Nov. 30 Late Season Deer Hunting

Dec. 7 Duck Calling

Dec. 14 Trapping 101

“We’re happy we’re able to offer flexible online classes for people who want to get more engaged in the outdoors,” said Taylor Martin, Hunting and Fishing Academy manager. “The Academy’s virtual classes are a great way to learn from highly trained experts on your own time and in the comfort of your own home.”

Hunting and Fishing Academy is a program of Tennessee Wildlife Federation, a nonprofit dedicated to the conservation of Tennessee’s wildlife and natural resources. In addition to virtual classes, Hunting and Fishing Academy also provides hands-on instruction in the art of being an outdoorsman to beginner hunters and anglers of all ages. To see upcoming experiences near you visit tnwf.org/interest.

Tennessee Wildlife Federation is an independent nonprofit dedicated to conserving Tennessee’s wildlife, waters, and wild places. Since 1946, the Federation has spearheaded the development of the state’s wildlife policy, advanced landmark legislation on air and water quality and other conservation initiatives, helped restore numerous species, and introduced thousands of kids to the great outdoors. To learn more, visit tnwf.org.

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