I am unapologetically Christian. My personal faith in God is the anchor of my life and the doctrines of the Bible define my worldview. While my faith serves as my “true north” and “moral compass,” I respect the differences of others in a pluralistic society. I endeavor to demonstrate love for my neighbor based on the virtues of my faith tenants.

The application of my values is carefully contemplated every day. Our world is increasingly diverse, complex and mysterious. To remain engaged and a significant contributor to difficult problems of the world mandate personal growth and commitment. Furthermore, remaining relevant in a changing world is an enormous necessity.

Yes, our society is rapidly changing. We no longer live in an era portrayed in old Andy Griffith television programs. The nostalgia of a bygone era provide us all with warm, sentimental feelings, however, those days are long gone. We will never return to the days of Mayberry, USA. We are not in a time warp. Time is racing forward whether or not we are in step with our times.

America is a melting pot of innumerable ethnicities, religions, and traditions. We live in a critical moment where cultural awareness is obligatory for each of us. As our nation changes, we must be a student of the culture in order to intelligently and wisely engage it.

I share the dismay of many fellow citizens with the caustic chaos in our nation. From riots on our city streets, violence at the United States Capital, to the vitriol tone in Congress, we are a sharply divided country. Civility is as old fashioned as the Andy Griffith Show. The founding fathers of this nation would be aghast at what we are encountering today. Truly, we can do better than this.

While our nation changes in cultural diversity, we must not forsake the principles of our Constitution. The guarantee that all people live with the assurance of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is vital. Personally, this is the time for me to demonstrate the principles of my guiding values and moral compass. I accept the challenge to impact the world through positive demonstrations of compassion, love and proactive solutions.

To a nation adrift in civility, humanity and love, I must be the solution that I wish to see in this world. Not everyone is going to be like me (or you), and that needs to be acceptable. People must have the liberty to have differing opinions, values and cultural distinctives, while being honored, respected and valued. This is the pursuit of a more perfect Union; this is how our nation comes together with a common purpose to reach greater heights.

I consider my citizenship as an extension of my faith. I am not a Christian on Sundays only; I am a Christian every moment of my life. My faith should be a positive influence in my home, work and relationships. Furthermore, my faith should make me a more positive, significant contributor to my community.

Our world is waiting on us to show the way through benevolent acts of kindness. Our leadership should be felt from Hartsville to Washington, D.C. Let our light shine in our culturally diverse world. Let us be known for our civility and respect of our fellow man.

Have a great week and remember, God loves YOU!

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