June is an extraordinary month that distinguishes itself above all others in the year.

The warm, gentle breeze of the new summer season stirs one’s heart with passion. The beauty of nature resonates in June. Its vast array of flowers, calm lakes and rolling hills of beautiful trees, burst forth in June. The scent of honeysuckle and lilacs infiltrate the air. This is the majestic fragrance of June!

The sound of nature fills the air with melodic singing birds, croaking toads, and buzzing bees. Reclining on the back porch on a June evening fills up one’s senses, as does sitting around a bonfire with friends, sharing stories of good times past and present. God’s glorious creation is enjoyed and celebrated in June.

Many couples have fallen in love under innumerable stars on a moonlight night in June. Love songs have been written and poetry has been penned during this incomparably romantic month.

June is the season for marriage. Many young ladies dream of a June wedding where they are joined to their beloved in a little white country church, surrounded by friends and family. Their storybook fantasy comes to life, as couples vow to have and to hold one another as long as they both shall live. Their special day is crowned with a romantic honeymoon to a special destination in June.

The summer vacation season begins in June. Kids are out of school where they can enjoy youth camp, Vacation Bible School and Little League. The excitement of camping trips and amusement parks also make June a special month of fun and adventure. Traditionally, family reunions are celebrated in June where grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins come together to laugh, hug, eat BBQ and play a game of horseshoes.

For many, June is a time for summer classes. I can remember attending college year-round. Taking classes in June seems odd, being out of season. However, to take necessary course work for graduation makes June a significant month for scholastic advancement. The benefit of smaller class sizes and access to the professor makes these classes even more attractive.

Cruising remains a popular activity throughout generations. Summer nights in June, cruising with your friends, listening to your favorite radio station with the windows down, is a lot of fun. It is a timeless activity. Ultimately you can find others who you can talk to and have fun. How many teens can say that this was the way they met somebody and had a summer romance?

Sabbaticals are also popular in June. Professionals in the care business often take time away from their practices, caseloads, and congregations to focus on their own holistic care.

The necessity of a sabbatical is to recharge emotional, spiritual, and physical components of one’s wellbeing. This self-care enables the professional the ability to resume the intensity of their calling to the complex needs of their clients. Getaways to the mountains or a cabin by a stream are excellent places for rest, reflection, and rededication.

What activities will capture your heart this month? June has a glorious history. June is beaconing! Your new adventure is awaiting. Your story is ready to be written. Let us have the best June of our lives and passionately pursue all the dreams we possess. Have a great month and remember, God loves YOU!

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