It was commonplace in my youth to receive a drop-in visit to our home.

Oftentimes, it would be my grandparents, who had been out on an afternoon ride, that would stop unexpectedly for a visit. The sheer excitement we felt to have company was most often the highlight of our day. Our family was close.

I can also recall friends of our family stopping by with their kids. We would go outside and play until suppertime. On many occasions they would eat with us. The knock on the door was a very pleasant sound.

Life was different growing up in the 1960s. Without the benefit of cell phones, text messaging or social media, people were much harder to contact.

Do you remember party phone lines? You may have to wait an hour before you have a chance to place a call. When you did get the opportunity to call, it would not be unreasonable to receive a busy signal. It was much easier to load up the station wagon and go in person to the one to whom you wanted to speak.

Drop-in visits are extremely unusual nowadays. People work varying shifts, live in gated communities and truly love their privacy. Home has become a place of sleep, solitude and privacy. An occasional Saturday afternoon football party is popular for a big game, but dropping in would now be considered rude.

People have become much more isolated in our contemporary society. Families want privacy fences or a home in the country. Phone calls are sent to voice mail. We no longer build homes with front porches to watch cars go by and talk to the neighbors. No, people are stressed out from work and want to rest after working 12-hour days plus the commute from the employer. Life is too busy for nurturing friendships and life balance.

Another changing factor in our modern society is that many of our family members have moved to distant states and only reunite for funerals or weddings.

There is no more drop-in visits or knocks at the door. We sadly have grown accustomed to lives of isolation that are focused on careers over family and friends. There is something vital that has disappeared from many lives. It is community.

I am reminded of the Bible verse, Revelation 3:20, where Jesus said, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”

The beautiful declaration of our Lord Jesus Christ is that He longs to visit us … to have “supper” with us … to engage in meaningful fellowship, friendship and intimate conversation. This opportunity is available to anyone willing to open the door of their heart and allow Jesus to come in. Jesus has dropped by. He is knocking. Will you respond? The most radical transformation awaits those who receive Jesus into their lives.

Let us open up the door to the Lord Jesus, but let us also remember the relationships build on time together in meaningful fellowship and mutual love. Family, friends and faith are the keystones of our spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.

Have a great week, and remember, God loves you.

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