We have come to the moment in the annual calendar that could rightfully be called, pre-spring.

Pre-spring is that time of year around Daylight Savings Time and the early blossoming of trees. The weather varies between warm, sunny days to the possibility of snow showers. The lawn has seen some grass sprouts, while most of it remains brown with dead grass. One night we can sleep with the windows open, while other nights require turning the furnace on. We are all ready to settle into a new season.

Enough with the uncertainty of pre-spring ... we are ready for change … now.

Most folks prefer spring above the other seasons of the year. It’s that transition from the cold and dark to the warm and light. The transition from layers of warm clothing and boots to light jackets and slip-ons. It’s the transition from home heat to open windows, from the silence of winter days to the sound of the songbirds singing at daybreak. Springtime awakens our senses. We are ready for an awakening.

Pre-spring merely has us anticipating what is coming soon.

Spring is a most pleasant season. It ushers in graduation from educational institutions, commencement. Spring is the season when professionals sell their homes and transition into a new career stepping-stone across the country. Spring is the time when every baseball team dreams of World Series glory. Spring is the time to finalize plans for the summer wedding. Spring is when farmers plant their crops.

There are so many wonderful things about springtime, but pre-spring is holding on with every ounce of energy, stubbornly gripping the past.

The blues of winter are passing and have brought us to the precipice of springtime bliss. But for now, we seem stuck in pre-spring.

In addition, it feels that we impatiently stand in the hallway, awaiting the door to open from the strong hand of pre-spring. We must remind ourselves that it’s all going to get better. Pre-spring is going to pass away. We will soon be loosed from the grip of a pre-season that only seduces, teases, and lies. We have come to the moment that we are tired of the pre-spring silliness and ready for the soberness of springtime.

Let us individually seize the opportunity to prepare ourselves for the next season of our lives. Our biological clocks are ticking, and we pass from youth into our golden years. It is important that we continue to grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

As nature’s seasons change and the years quickly come to pass, let us ensure that we are personally equipped to confront the challenges of life. A fruitless tree is worthless to the husbandman. However, a tree producing an abundance of fruit nourishes and strengthens many people. Let us not be stuck in a personal rut. Let us richly blossom. Let us make an impact in the lives of others.

We will soon transition from the pre-spring gridlock to the gentle breeze and warm sunlight of spring. May God bless you in whatever season of life you may be.

Remember, God loves you.

Have a great week.

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