A wise man once said that if you’re angry, you’re living in the past. If you’re fearful, you’re living in the future.

But, when you are at peace, that’s when you know that you are living in the present.

That is where life begins to make sense.

There are many people stuck in the bitter memories of yesterday, the recollection of people who crossed you, the misfortune of your choices, the opportunities missed, coupled with the doors that were closed, all the people who let you down, the situation you were put in against your will.

Then, there are memories of the perpetrators, that ugly separation, the loss of valuables, life not being fair.

Indeed, there are a myriad of scenarios that rumble about in the memory that makes one resentful and angry.

The greatest tragedy lies in the fact that pages are not turned, nor does the individual rise above the circumstances of the past.

A new chapter of life is held in abeyance, and writing a new script is indefinitely postponed. Instead, past memories play on a loop in the recesses of the mind. Anger owns the one living in the past.

Conversely, the individual who lives in the future fears the blinding darkness of the unknown.

The uncertainty of tomorrow plagues the troubled mind and grips the unsettled soul. The questions of who, what, when and where demand an answer from a mind void of answers.

In this crippling condition, people are paralyzed.

Unable to take the next step, opportunity is thwarted, and success is nullified.

Regretfully, this is a life that will miss the best God has available for them.

Fear is unnecessary, even though you lack positive assurances of what lies ahead.

With faith in God, and the certainty of His goodness, you can get out of the boat, and step upon the stormy seas of life.

Climbing out on the limb is where you will find the fruit in life.

Do not be left hugging the tree trunk, anchored beside the comfort of a tree that may very well be blown down in a tempest.

God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love, and a stable mind. Wisdom calls us to lay aside fear.

Living in the present is a great tranquilizer for the blues and anxieties of life, the ability to accept the things you could not change, and the stability to trust in the course you are treading today.

It’s the assurance that today well-lived will ascertain a tomorrow that will take care of itself.

Life makes sense in the context of today.

We have arrived at this moment of our lives as a result of the accumulation of experiences, relationships, and decisions we made, or that were made for us.

Life has taught us innumerable lessons that have forged us in the crucible.

That product is a version of ourselves that is experienced, tempered, and mature.

We are at peace with the process that is called living life. It all makes sense.

We know why we are where we are, and we know that tomorrow will come.

Don’t sweat the details.

God has you in His grip.

Breathe deep.

Rest in the moment.

Peace is for those who focus on living their lives full-throttle today.

You do you best, today.

God has taken care of yesterday and holds the keys for tomorrow in His hand.

Trust Him.

Peace is your prize. Savor the moment.

Living in the present is joyful and exhilarating.

Receive all that is offered to you … today.

Have a tremendous week, and know, God loves you.

Contact Jon by emailing IMPACThought@gmail.com. Reach Jon Shonebarger at jtshonebarger@gmail.com.

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