Valentine cards were exchanged this week. Boxes of candy were given. Candle-lit dinners were shared, and flowers delivered.

Some romantic souls even wrote a heartfelt poem, carefully crafting words of love and passion. There is never a bad time to experience these special moments of the heart.

Wouldn’t it be stupendous if the emphasis of our lives were in giving expressions of love?

Our singular lifestyle ought to be autographed by loving action. What a glorious signature that would be. In addition, a signature we would pray could be easily forged and copied by others as they reap the benefits of this wonderful behavior.

Having been blessed with a loving marriage of more than 45 years, I can ascertain that there is nothing more satisfying in life, not homes, not careers, not money, and not popularity. Honestly, I believe I have experienced the pinnacle of marital bliss. The zenith of love are those moments when my wife selflessly pours into my life through giving of her precious time, special talents, and limited funds.

True love isn’t free. It will cost you. However, the cost will be paid without hesitation.

There is no mountain too high to climb, ocean too deep or wide to cross, or a pit filled with venomous snakes too dangerous to enter. Sacrifice is the gold standard of authentic love. It is the litmus test to distinguish between true and the fake. Whether it’s romantic love, brotherly love or agape/unconditional love, sacrifices will always be tendered.

As a Christian, I am burdened to be like my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He is the perfect, sinless, and selfless epitome of sacrificial love. Without hesitation, Israel’s Messiah left the glory and splendor of heaven to come into the world to lay down His life as a sacrifice for our sin. No greater demonstration of love has ever been witnessed in history.

With that template of love set by Jesus, let us determine to show the world that we are His disciples. The testimony of our lives lived sacrificially for others will be our signature style. Imagine the impact that Christian love would have in this fallen, selfish world.

Imagine the impact within our homes, our businesses, and our government. Imagine the impact of Christlike love on our enemies. Imagine Christlike love in our churches. Indeed, a revolution would occur when Christians live a life that brings glory to their Lord. Our world waits for such a demonstration.

It is enjoyable to have a special day once a year to say, “I love you.” Wouldn’t it be much better to prove it every day of our lives through benevolence, goodness, kindness and selflessness?

Let us determine to autograph our lives with the supremacy of love. Without a doubt, the hearts of others will be touched by authentic Christianity, lived out in the fullness of our faith. Let our style be virtuously distinguished by our love.

Have a great week, and remember, God loves you.

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