The sons of Korah were Temple musicians and assistants who faithfully exhorted believers to worship and praise the true and Almighty God of Israel. They also penned several of the Psalms of the Old Testament. One of the dearest Psalms to my heart is the forty-second, where the author proclaims his longing for God.

The earnest declaration states: “As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God. My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God…” (Psalms 42:1-2a).

A beautiful illustration is given of the hart (deer). The deer’s life is utterly dependent upon life giving water. We have all witnessed gorgeous pictures of thirsty deer beside a mountain stream. The deer is panting, craving and yearning for the cool, refreshing water that satisfies, refreshes, and sustains them on their journey. Many of us also enjoy the clear, pure water of a mountain stream here in the state of Tennessee. We can appreciate this daily reality in nature and all the beauty surrounded with it.

The writer humbly declares his yearning for the Lord, who is the Living Water, the Author and Giver of Life. As the deer is utterly dependent for water from the stream, the seeker of God is also thoroughly in need of God’s provision in his spiritual life. Jesus Christ is identified in Scripture as the “Living Water,” who provides relational satisfaction, forever, through the gift of eternal life.

An excellent illustration of Christ, The Living Water, is revealed in the Gospel of John, Chapter 4. Jesus meets a woman of Samaria, who was drawing water from a well. Jesus had asked the woman to draw Him a drink of water, from that well. As the conversation continues, Jesus advises her that if she would have recognized who it was that asked her for a drink, she would have asked Him for the Living Water. Jesus reveals to her that those who draw water from the city well will return regularly, to satisfy their physical thirst. However, those who come to Christ, The Living Water, will never thirst again. (John 4:13-14).

All of us thirst, both physically and spiritually! We are grateful to live in a state that where water is plentiful, to meet our physical needs. However, many folks seek satisfaction for their spiritual needs in places that will never satisfy. People have a hole in their soul that must be filled! That empty place longs for peace, purpose and plans.

Our society promotes fulfillment of our souls through innumerable pursuits like philosophy, “religion”, higher learning, science, career, and pleasure. While each of these named areas may have their place of acceptability, none of them will satisfy the thirsty soul. Many people spend their life in pursuit of peace, purpose and plans, only to fail and full short. The natural things of our physical world cannot satisfy the longing of a parched and thirsty soul.

God has created each human being with a spiritual need that can only be satisfied through a personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ! As The Living Water, Jesus eternally satisfies. Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for our sins. Jesus is The Lamb of God, sacrificed to satisfy the demands of sin from an all Holy God. In the Bible, this is called propitiation.

Thus, Jesus died for you and me, He was buried and rose the third day from the grave. Every sinner is called to believe that simple gospel message and receive Christ, by faith, as their Savior. By the grace of God, we receive forgiveness of sin and by faith, believe on Christ to receive the gift of eternal life.

As a “born again” child of God, we yearn for the satisfaction He provides, not only eternally, but daily. Our daily prayers and meditation seek a closer walk with the Savior of our souls. Jesus answers our prayers, comforts us in our afflictions, leads us in the paths of righteousness, opens doors of opportunity and empowers us to slay every obstacle of our faith.

The Psalmist longed for deeper waters, through his relationship with God, to satisfy his current need. It is a tremendous comfort to know his Lord would provide. What a friend we have in Jesus! What a glorious relationship to experience!

I would encourage the reader of this article to evaluate your relationship to Christ. As with the woman at the well, He is offering YOU to drink the Living Water, who will satisfy your need and forever be your Good Shepherd. Call upon Him. Receive Him as your Savior, today.

Have a great week and remember, God loves YOU!

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