A small picture is placed at a strategic location on my office desk. The picture portrays a businessman wearing a suit, holding his glasses in his right hand near his bosom while his left elbow rests on his desk. Sitting comfortably in his chair with his eyes affixed on Jesus, his left hand rests against his left jaw. He has a slight smile upon his face. He is intently focused on this encounter. This picture shows the businessman being swift to hear and slow to speak.

The picture also shows Jesus wearing a robe with His left hand extended, palm up, with his index finger casually pointed at the businessman. In the background, you can see skyscrapers through the office window. This is not a portrait of first-century Jerusalem; this is a portrait in modern-day America. Jesus has an appointment with the businessman. This moment is clearly warm and cordial. As has been said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Paintings are created with a 1,000-word message for the observer. A snapshot in time is captured as we reflect on each element of the artwork. This particular picture (which is sold as a painting) speaks volumes to me. Jesus comes to advise, guide, teach, lead and encourage us. Like the businessman, I must humbly and graciously listen to my Lord. Although this businessman has responsibility in this company with its human and material resources, assets and investments, nonetheless, he still needs the wisdom of God. He has invited Him in. The businessman is receiving the counsel.

Some may wonder why I would have this picture on my desk. As a mentor, teacher and counselor, I am reminded of two significant realities. First, I need the counsel of the Divine Counselor daily. I need Jesus Christ to provide me with wisdom and insight. I need the illumination of His Word as I offer Biblical guidance to those seeking my assistance. I need Jesus to listen to the burdens of my heart as I seek to minister to those who also need help. I need to set an appointment for Him, throughout the day, to dispense His grace and wisdom to me.

Secondly, I want to be a vessel for Christ to use. I want to be like Jesus. Soon, there will be someone who has made an appointment and is sitting beside me at my desk. I want to be relaxed, compassionate and gentle. I want to make the difference in the life of the person who has purposed to hear what wisdom I can share with them. I have a divine responsibility to effectively minister to this yearning soul. This appointment is critical.

On our Christian journey, let us take time to seek the Counselor. Many of our decisions are made without pause, reflection and discernment. Unfortunately, Jesus is often left out of our plans. As a result, we stumble in the dark and into the pitfalls and traps of the Enemy.

Counseling with the Counselor!

Jesus, who is “The Way,” will guide us in His divine order of steps. We must know what the heart and mind of God is for our lives. Indeed, the Counselor has a plan, a purpose and a time for the events of our lives. Let the Counselor speak. Let the Lord, as our Good Shepherd, lead us in the paths of righteousness for His namesake.

Yes, this picture will remain on my office desk as a constant reminder of counseling with the Counselor.

Have a great week and remember, Jesus loves YOU!

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