Fall foliage radiates across the rolling hills of the countryside. The flatbed trailer is loaded with bales of hay, strategically stacked and arranged for riders of all ages. The evening is graced with a harvest moon, and a cool gentle breeze. A bonfire has been set ablaze for the wiener roast, and s’mores. Friends are gathered for the seasonal rite of passage, arrayed in sweatshirts and sweaters; it is a perfect night for autumn festivities.

Our senses are filled with the sights, sounds and smells of autumns past. We reflect on fond memories of friends snuggled up together behind the tractor on the hayride. There are many couples that recall this moment when romantic ambers sparked that generated lifelong relationships. There is something unique about the fall season that distinguishes itself from all others. It is the favorite season of many.

The passing seasons of nature correlate with the changes in our lives.

Springtime is the season of nature that the earth awakens, blossoms, and bursts forth into new life. Summertime is the season of growth, production, and endless horizons. Fall is the season of reaping, harvesting, gathering together and storing. Winter is the conclusion. The trees are barren, the ground is frozen and hibernation settles in. The fruit planted in spring, grown in summer and harvested in fall is now consumed during the winter season. This is the cycle of life. The seasons will continue, without end, until God decrees.

From the cradle to the coffin, our lives experience seasonal changes.

Each of us is currently going through our own season of change. We cannot preempt the passage of time. However, we can redeem it. We can seize our season, and determine to maximize its potential. We can wisely plant today, in order to harvest bountifully tomorrow.

Our lives are but a vapor that appears for a short time, and then it is gone. We must take full advantage of the season we are encountering in wisdom, and perspective. Winter is coming!

Which season are you in today? While nature is cyclical, our life cycles can transition quickly, potentially across seasons.

Today I may be thriving in personal growth, and opportunity (summer). Then tomorrow comes and finds me facing the harsh realities of winter in a health crisis. Today I may be enduring the hardship of unemployment and financial crisis (winter), when tomorrow comes with a fresh start, a new beginning, and hope in a new career (spring).

Seasons do not discriminate based on age.

While we may be elderly in our physical life, we may also be in a season blossoming with new love or business prosperity. A child may be facing terminal illness, and the end of life. A teen may have a multimillion-dollar Internet business, possessing the resources that take most people a lifetime to acquire.

We must be prepared for sudden change in the seasons of our life. Just as a summer thunderstorm can gather in a few moments, our lives can change in a moment.

Let us anchor our lives in the Author and Giver of Life, Almighty God. While we may not know about tomorrow, we do know who holds tomorrow! Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Live your life wisely by working hard today in preparation for the day you harvest, and ultimately rest from the work of a lifetime.

Have a great autumn season, and remember, God loves YOU!

Reach Jon at jtshonebarger@gmail.com.

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