Transitions in life are a part of our journey. One certainty in life is that nothing stays the same. Things change! For the sake of nostalgia and sentimentality, it would be wonderful if we could stay in the good old days of our youth or in the era of our grandparents. Ah yes, to live in a time warp. We could live in Mayberry with Sheriff Taylor and Aunt Bee. Wouldn’t that be nice to stay 10 years old? But, time marches on.

To step back in time to a vintage picture of Norman Rockwell’s America would provide tremendous comfort and peace of mind. Those “gingerbread feelings” come over us as we look at our old photos of Thanksgiving, Christmas and weddings. In life, as with photo albums, we must turn the page.

Our society progresses. The same holds true in industry, education and technology. While the 1950s may have been a gentler, kinder and more innocent time to be alive, none of us would want to live without our laptop computer, cell phone or with a three-channel television set. There are benefits to growth, enhancement and discovery. To live a life off grid as mountaineers is not an option most of us would choose. We desire the best, the newest, the most comfortable and the most convenient in our world of rapid advancement. Change is not bad, it just takes getting used to! Adaptation!

The beloved Apostle Paul wrote from prison, this reflection: “Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before…” (Philippians 3:13).

There were complementary objectives in the Apostle’s journey. First, he will not be tormented in mind or spirit for the sins and missteps of his past. The past was gone, the page had turned. God had forgiven him. There was nothing he could humanly do to change the past; it could not be improved or erased. Yesterday’s choices became today’s realities.

But yesterday could be forgotten! Paul realized that he was where he was in life and he was who he was because of yesterday. But it was time to transition; to grow; to improve and become who God had designed him to be. To become his best! He had not yet “apprehended.”

On the other hand he was compelled to reach toward the stars. He yearned to reach the pinnacle of his calling as an apostle of Jesus Christ and a child of the Living God! Simply put, Paul wanted his purpose fulfilled through obedience to Christ and not derailed by the enemy, Satan.

Transition: The orderly steps set forth by God for His children, to fulfill their purpose over the course of their lifetime.

Jesus taught His disciples to not look back in nostalgia or regret. They should put their hand to the plow and to continue moving forward until the night comes when no man can work. Pressing toward the mark. Resisting every obstacle to complete the course.

Life is difficult, full of obstructions and hindrances. Yet, we battle and build the life that God has set before us. Longing for yesterday is futile. It is over. This is your divine moment; the opportunity for you to seize in fulfilling the calling of your life. Please embrace this divine truth: your abundant life is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ and yielding to His purpose for your destiny.

Today will be considered the good old days by many, someday. Christian, let us endeavor to make everyday a masterpiece in our journey with God. Let us be filled with passion and purpose as we press toward the mark of the high calling of God. Let us comprehend that even the hard days, the sad days, as well as the good days, are all ingredients used in maturing us on our journey in life. Let us turn the pages in our life and write new chapters in our book. With God’s guidance, our story will be a testimony of grace designed by the Master.

Have a great week and remember, God loves YOU!

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