Our spirits are stirred as we watch in dismay the lawlessness that has swept our nation. The catalyst was George Floyd’s death at the hands of a law enforcement officer. Law-abiding citizens of all races, sexes and creeds must be committed to equal justice under the law. Overcoming prejudice, hatred and an unresponsive court system are salient points in the pursuit of forming a “more perfect union,” here in America.

We agree with the black community that there have been injustices in the past, and indeed, Black Lives Matter. However, violent protests, murder and rioting are not the answer to the problems in society, nor are militant groups seeking insurrection. A civil society must wholeheartedly commit themselves to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for its entire population.

America is a pluralistic society. Let us emphatically state, “All Lives Matter,” in a free and just society. We are all made in the image of God and from one blood. It is imperative that our nation be healed from an assortment of sins over the course of history. May we be reminded that a house divided cannot stand? We must love our neighbor as ourselves (the second Great Commandment).

Specifically, we must love our neighbor who doesn’t look like us, think like us, love like us, speak like us, pray like us or vote like us.

When Israel dedicated the Temple to God, the Lord gave King Solomon guidance for leading the nation under His Lordship. The Lord declared, “If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people; If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:13-14).

We are an eyewitness to an assortment of plagues in our nation. The United States has encountered tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and volcanoes and the COVID-19 pandemic this year alone. We are witnessing rioting in our streets. Racial tension is at a breaking point. One may ask, “Where is God?” The sovereign God of heaven and earth is in total control as He views our blatant rebellion against Him. He is willing to hear from heaven. But, are we willing to humble ourselves and pray? The Lord’s counsel to Solomon must be heeded in our land. We must seek His face!

We must humble ourselves as citizens of this nation. Now! Our materialistic, pleasure-seeking and idol-ridden country must repent of its sinful ways and plead for forgiveness from an all-holy God. Specifically, the churches across this nation must cry out to God for a great spiritual awakening. We need a demonstration of the power and presence of God in our land, with multitudes of people repenting and putting their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our churches need to unify and mobilize with the Gospel message of Christ. The COVID-19 quarantine has sheltered in place our church body and impaired our impact at this critical hour. It is disconcerting that the light and salt that Christ called us to be has been secured in the salt shaker and hid under the bushel basket. We must, together, seek God. We must repent of our personal as well as corporate sins. We must take the liberating power of the Gospel to our communities, state and nation. The Gospel is America’s hope. Jesus Christ is the answer.

Would the Christians of Trousdale and surrounding counties be willing to unify and come together in prayer?

For the readers via Facebook, the Vidette webpage and the Internet, would you rally Christians in your area to come together? Would the churches of Jesus Christ mobilize and take the Gospel to needy people? Our land needs healing and God has promised healing if God’s people do their part. Let us determine to make a difference at this traumatic moment in history. Together, with God’s help, there is hope. Have a great Fourth of July weekend and remember, Jesus loves YOU!

Contact Jon at jtshonebarger@gmail.com.

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