The walk along the well-worn path in the woods awakens your senses, as the sounds of nature communicate their indistinguishable language. As the sun begins to rise, the nocturnal creatures make their final nighttime jaunt through the brush before they settle down with the break of morning.

In the distance are the hoots of owls, positioned on different ends of the pathway. One would believe they were sounding an alarm, identifying the uninvited sojourner. You feel like an intruder in their majestic canopy of creation. You proceed with a heightened awareness.

The cool morning air is breathed deep into your lungs as you briskly make your way along the winding course. Your thoughts turn to the divine Creator, who has put each beautiful piece in its proper place. Reflections give way to praise to God for the beauty of His handiwork. Your mind plays the great hymn of praise, “How Great Thou Art!”

Then upon deeper consideration, you acknowledge your place in this beautiful tapestry. God has marvelously created you.

Almighty God has breathed life into you for His purposes, plans, and time. You are special, and you recall the inquisitive reflection of Israel’s King David: “What is man, that thou art mindful of him?”

We are not an accident in this vast expanse of life upon this planet. We are made in the image of Almighty God, with our own distinct DNA and fingerprints. We were created with a divine assignment, a specific task, at a precise moment in history.

The Sovereign God of the Universe planned you in eternity past, created you at His designed moment of conception in your mother’s womb, and gifted you uniquely for the journey He has set before you. You are more than a beautiful deer in the woods. We are the crowning jewel of God’s creation!

Who are you? What are you doing here? What are you searching for?

People have been mesmerized by these questions from the dawn of time. These deep questions of existence have been pondered by poets, as they autographed their sonnets. Philosophers have written prose, and theologians have penned writs.

Every generation, from every corner of the world, has longed to find the answers to these perplexing questions.

In our day, many people are sadly disillusioned with life, and wayward on their journey.

We are witnessing an increase in our society of hopeless souls choosing suicide. There is an epidemic of drug, and alcohol abuse that ruins lives. There is violence of man against man. There is rioting in the streets. Refugees seeking asylum in lands far from war and poverty. Caustic chaos has been generated in a global society that has lost its hopes, aspirations, and purposes.

Multitudes of people are adrift, having lost their way along their “walk in the woods.”

However, multitudes of pilgrims have found their purpose, their significance, and their identity through faith in God’s only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. When one reads the sacred text of Scripture, you learn of God’s love for a hurting people. You learn the good news of the Gospel, where a Savior provides forgiveness of sin, and eternal life by faith alone in Jesus’ sacrificial death on the Cross, for them. This is what man is searching for, a personal relationship with God!

Through new life in Christ, God reveals His specifically prescribed plan for His child. He leads, guides, and teaches His child throughout their journey. The child of God finds significance, purpose, and fulfillment in their life. Indeed, now, there is a life worth living. Life is now an adventure. They are now enjoying abundant life.

This is a gorgeous time of year to talk a walk in the woods. As you drink in the beauty of nature, reflect upon your time, and place in this world. Have you discovered God’s purpose for your life? Allow your senses to be heightened, and your spirit awakened to God’s calling for you.

Have a wonderful week!

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