A manufacturing group based in New Jersey is reportedly looking into moving operations to Hartsville’s PowerCom industrial site.

Trousdale County’s Industrial Development Board heard from two men looking at moving manufacturing operations into the area during its March 25 meeting.

Don McCaughey and Dan DeClement of TBT Group spoke to the board about their desire to move at least three manufacturing companies into the PowerCom industrial park.

“They are particularly interested in bringing three manufacturing businesses,” said IDB Chairman Bryan King. “They’re concerned about the state of our country and some of its essential supplies and products that are outsourced to overseas companies. They want to bring some of these services back to our country.”

King said the three being looked at were ceramics used in communication devices, pharmaceutical antibiotics and primers for ammunition.

According to its website, TBT currently operates a 20,000-square foot facility in New Jersey. DeClement, the chief executive office of TBT, said the company is looking at moving operations to Tennessee because of its business-friendly environment.

“We believe manufacturing is a great thing to bring to a community,” DeClement told board members.

“We started talking about how we thought it was a national crisis that some of our supply chains have moved overseas,” added McCaughey, owner of DeCleMac Holdings, LLC. “Dan and I decided it was time for somebody to do something about it.”

McCaughey, a 10-year Army veteran and former paramilitary operator for the Central Intelligence Agency, and his wife have already moved to Lebanon.

The group previously looked at a site in Gordonsville but turned its attention to Trousdale County after Gordonsville’s City Council rejected a rezoning request in December 2020.

“DeCleMac Holdings decided to build their ammunition primer manufacturing, penicillin fermentation distillery and sensor production facilities in PowerCom Industrial Park located in Trousdale County. I am disappointed that this did not happen here, and our citizens and children will not be able to have those jobs in Smith County,” Smith County Mayor Jeff Mason wrote in a report to that county’s Commission.

TBT has reportedly talked with Tennessee Central Economic Authority about purchasing up to 20 acres of property in the PowerCom site.

Any request to purchase property would have to be approved by the TCEA board, according to Charly Lyons, executive director. That board is next scheduled to meet on April 23.

The Industrial Development Board also voted to retain the service of Younger Associates ($1,500) to create a model and Rochelle, McCulloch & Aulds ($5,000) as legal counsel to help create a PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) program for Trousdale County. PILOT programs are designed to help attract projects to communities by offering temporary reductions in property taxes and a number of cities and counties in Tennessee already have such programs.

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