Four inmates who escaped from the Macon County Jail during the overnight hours last Wednesday were quickly located and captured.

Those inmates — 26-year-old Levi Radford Polson (of Scottsville, Kentucky), 27-year-old Lucas Adam Tracy (of Westmoreland), 23-year-old Stephen Earl Sullivan (of Hartsville), and 24-year-old Jeremy Bruce Fuller (of Lafayette) — were all in custody before 8 a.m.

Macon County Sheriff Mark Gammons said that he received a phone call at 6:15 a.m. notifying him of their escape. It was discovered that they were missing at the morning head count.

“Once I was notified they were out, we started looking and rounded them up,” Gammons said.

Polson was located at a Kay Circle residence (which is near the Macon County Fairgrounds), while Fuller, Sullivan and Tracy were located on Siloam Church Road in the western portion of Macon County.

“The first thing we do, we go start searching the immediate family and the addresses of the immediate family and friends,” Gammons said. “When we did, they happened to be at the location. That’s how we started searching.”

In April, the Macon County Jail had approximately 100 inmates, but the jail has steadily increased since that time, as Gammons expected to happen. He said that the jail — which often houses more than 200 inmates — is back at its normal capacity now.

“The deputies did a good job of locating them,” Gammons said. “We were very fortunate to get them.”

Gammons would not disclose how that the inmates escaped but did acknowledge that there has been some resulting measures pertaining to some employees who were working at the time of their escape.

“There’s been disciplinary actions for the employees working the shift at the time,” Gammons said. “There’s been preventative measures taken.”

In November of 2017, a trio of inmates — Dylan Cecil Ferguson, Matthew Alan White and Jeff Dewayne Strong — escaped from their pod during the early-morning hours.

They started their escape by prying a speaker from the wall using a metal piece off of a bed, removing some bricks that surrounded the wiring of the speaker with the metal piece, and then crawling into the wall. They actually had to crawl up into a narrow space inside the brick wall before maneuvering themselves down into a mechanical room. That left them with a door to exit the facility.

A three-day manhunt ensued before all three men were taken back into custody.

Both Ferguson and Sullivan faces charges following the August 2016 death of Brandon Michael Fye, who disappeared before his remains were found in a wooded area near Shrum Hollow Road in Macon County.

Following his escape in 2017, Ferguson was added to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) Top 10 Most Wanted List. Following an investigation by TBI special agents, Ferguson was being held in Nashville’s Riverbend Maximum Security Institution.

Sullivan, Polson, Tracy and Fuller all face felony escape charges.

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