I would like to address an issue that affects all residents of Trousdale County. Who is going to make the decision. Is our county going to become just another bedroom community for Nashville, or are we going to retain the small-town charm and open landscape that has been a part of our heritage for the last 200 years?

It would appear from looking at the request for changes in zoning that are printed in this paper — zoning requests from agricultural to high-density housing — that every road in our county will soon boast a new subdivision.

I do appreciate the fact that making money by selling off gramma’s farm is enticing and that there are people out there looking for a place to live. Yet, we must decide as a county if we wish to indulge those wishes and as a result lose our slow pace of life, increase our traffic, place a burden on our infrastructure, have to build new schools, new sewer lines, a new jail (already in the works), increase the county payroll and inevitably lead to higher taxes.

Requests for the county commission to approve a new 70-plus apartment complex on Western Avenue is another example of how a residential neighborhood will be forced to change. That street is not adequate for the increased traffic, nor do the residents approve.

My opinion is just mine, but the people of the county need to decide whether they wish to slow this rate of development or let it steamroll right over us.

Regardless of how I feel, all registered voters need to contact their elected representatives on the county commission. They listen to voters and let them know what direction we should take. Their names and e-mail addresses are available on the county website.

Make your opinion known.

John Oliver

Hartsville, Tennessee

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