April Hesson displays a sign in support of the schools’ reopening plan during a protest Monday. Much of the response to the plan was negative, however.

Parents of Trousdale County students were quick to respond Monday after the release of the school system’s reopening blueprint.

Many comments on the school’s Facebook page gave negative feedback toward the plan, which calls for a blend between in-school and online learning.

A protest was hastily organized Monday afternoon at the Board of Education building on Lock Six Road, which had around 20 parents and children in attendance.

“We pay taxes for our children to go to school,” said Melisha Morgan. “This is a Trousdale County issue. I’m not against Clint Satterfield; I’m against this whole thing.

“Anyone who would allow this to happen for a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate, it’s asinine.”

Alyssa McDonald added that she was concerned about how parents would be able to provide care for their children during days they would normally be at school, and also how children with disabilities would fare under the reopening plan.

“We should have a choice,” McDonald said. “As the mother of a child who cannot learn in a regular learning environment, this school has been nothing but amazing… To do this to a child who needs so much is unfair.”

“My family has stayed here because of the wonderful schools; the small teacher-student ratio,” Morgan added. “That’s what I want for my little ones.”

Scott Olds said he felt the desire for sports, especially football, was part of the decision-making process and said, “If they can’t be in school, they don’t need to have sports.”

How extracurricular activities would proceed was not discussed in the school system’s video message Monday explaining the blueprint.

Not all the response was negative, however.

“The schools are trying to do the best for us; they’re trying to keep our kids separated. I want my kids’ education; it is very important,” said April Hesson, the mother of a seventh-grader.

“I’m overwhelmed that the schools are going to take the precautions they’re taking… Whatever they need to do, I’m behind them 100%.”

Organizers said they planned a second, larger protest at a later date and said a number of parents had expressed interest in participating.

“We have tons of people in my inbox saying, ‘Please organize something else’ and we will organize something else,” Morgan said.

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