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Trousdale County’s Planning Commission showed its disapproval of a requested re-zoning of roughly seven acres on Dalton Hollow Road during Monday night’s meeting.

Property owners Sam Holder and Mary Anne Mudd are asking for the property, which covers two lots, to go from R-1 residential and A-1 agricultural to C-1 and C-2 commercial to make it more valuable to potential buyers.

“We’ve received offers to sell this property but it’s all been commercial entities that were interested,” Holder told board members. “We may not sell it, but we want the ability to.”

County Mayor Stephen Chambers noted that the property did have adjoining commercial property across the street that was formerly owned by Trousdale Medical Center, but said he had concerns over potential traffic to the area.

“This area is developing; they’re going to bid out next month improvements to that intersection so it’ll be a four-lane,” Chambers said, referring to the planned expansion of the Broadway-Highway 25 intersection.

Board members said they shared concerns over the road, which they called insufficient for commercial use, and being consistent on requests.

“Most of the times when these type requests come up, there’s a purpose… There’s no planned use here… It’s not consistent with that we’ve been doing,” Mark Swaffer said.

“The difference to me between the Carman property and this is the Carman property comes out almost on the main highway,” added Rhonda Keisling.

The re-zoning request still goes to the County Commission and would require two votes and a public hearing prior to the second vote for approval.

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