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Developer Jordon Fleming of Fleming Homes presented a preliminary plat to the Trousdale County Planning Commission on Monday night for a newly-proposed rural home site subdivision located in the Highway 231 corridor of Trousdale County. The planning commission gave unanimous approval to Fleming's preliminary plat. 

The Trousdale County Planning Commission voted unanimously during Monday evening’s meeting at the Hartsville-Trousdale County Community Center to approve a preliminary plat for a newly-proposed, 16-home subdivision out in the Highway 231 corridor of Trousdale County.

Developer Jordon Fleming of Fleming Homes has plans to build the new Freedom Estates subdivision, and with recent growth in Trousdale County, many developers like Fleming are looking for suitable land on which to build new home sites while maintaining a rural feel.

“This (preliminary plat approval) is for Freedom Estates located out on Bass Road on 34.96 acres with 16 lots,” said Trousdale County Planning Commission Chairman John Kerr.

“Mr. Fleming has been before (the planning commission) a couple of times and is now back with a preliminary plat.”

Fleming added, “The property is in Bethpage, just off of Bass Road. It’s beautiful farmland out there. It’s beautiful and open. There will be 16 homes in the subdivision. The smallest (lot) will be 1.3 acres, and they will graduate up to 5.01 acres.”

The subdivision is the second property within the 231 corridor on which Fleming plans to build rural home sites. Back in October, he had a 47-acre property rezoned from A-1 (agricultural) to R-1 (residential), with the intention of building new, single-family homes.

Although a few housekeeping tasks remain for Fleming before receiving final approval from the planning commission, which includes ironing out a water-line issue with the water utility district, his hopes are to begin the building project as soon as he gets the green light.

“I think it will get approval contingent on the water line, and I think we have the water line worked out,” said Fleming. “It may take 120 days or so.

“Then, I’d like to see (houses) going up. It is just beautiful farmland, and I think it is going to be a home run for people.”

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