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Options to rebuild or renovate Trousdale County’s football stadium were presented to the School Board at last week’s meeting.

Plans for renovations to Trousdale County’s football stadium were part of the discussions during last Thursday’s School Board meeting.

The board had previously retained COPE Architecture to come up with options for renovating the stadium. The current bleachers have gaps and are wobbly and could be considered a safety hazard.

Aside from safety concerns, flooding and an inability to insure the facility have also been raised previously.

Satterfield presented board members with a report that cited costs both to completely rebuild the current structure or to retrofit the existing one.

The report cited costs of $488,192 to completely rebuild the bleachers on both sides. That figure does not include costs of demolishing the current structure.

If the visitors’ side were cut in half from its roughly 1,400 current seats, that cost would drop to $426,093.

To renovate the existing structure would cost an estimated $557,505, according to the COPE report. That number does not include sandblasting and painting the current underpinnings and concrete pier work.

“We had a structural engineer look at this two years ago,” said Director of Schools Clint Satterfield. “This would not take a major funding source.”

Board members opted to send the report to the county’s Education Committee in the hopes of getting guidance from commissioners on how to proceed.

“I think the next step would be to present at the next Education Committee meeting,” said board member Johnny Kerr prior to the vote.

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