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Trousdale County Schools has created a plan to implement remote learning in the event that it becomes necessary to close a classroom or school because of COVID-19 infection.

Director of Schools Clint Satterfield posted a letter Tuesday to all parents in which he explained how remote learning would operate under such a scenario, while stating that the district’s goal is to maintain in-person learning. Satterfield has previously stated that staffing shortages would be the primary reason for closing down a school or a classroom.

“While our school district continues to prioritize safe, daily, and in-person instruction with as few learning disruptions as possible, it may sometimes become necessary to temporarily shift to remote instruction for specific classrooms/schools where we have staffing shortages. Should this occur, we will communicate any closures through our parent notification system and the district website. The identified classroom(s) or school(s) would temporarily transition to remote learning on the first day of closure. As with any unexpected school closure, parents should always have an emergency childcare plan and be prepared to support students’ learning while at home. Additionally, students should bring their provided devices home daily to be prepared for any shifts to remote learning,” the letter states in part.

While districts cannot completely shut down without having to use stockpile days, Tennessee Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn stated late last month that her office would consider waivers to allow districts to close individual classrooms or schools and use remote learning.

Each student in Trousdale County Schools has been provided with a Chromebook to provide for access to remote learning if it becomes necessary. For students without Internet access at home, free WiFi access points are available in the parking lots of all three schools, at the football, baseball & softball stadiums, the swimming pool at Trey Park and the county courthouse. WiFi is also available at the public library, Sonic and McDonald’s, according to the remote learning plan.

Satterfield’s letter and a copy of the remote learning pan are both available online at

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