There is so much for each of us to be grateful for. God has been good to Christians, and we can thank Him for His lovingkindness.

The life we enjoy through faith in Christ provides us joy that cannot be replicated in the world. Our pleasure-seeking society yearns for fulfillment in the things of this world but can never find satisfaction. Jesus is our all-sufficient saviour. His mercy endures forever. I am thankful for the abundant life He came to provide every believer.

As I was meditating on scripture this week, I considered the increase of violence and mayhem across our nation. I have a burden that weighs on my spirit for a nation that has lost its way. There is much for God’s people to grieve about in this moment of historical defination. Indeed, these are troubled times.

Has your heart become troubled?

We must wonder ... will our nation ever return to the way of life it knew a few years ago? Granted, our nation has always had problems needing resolved, with improvements implemented. Are we at a crossroad? Have indelible choices been made, and are we beginning to travel a new road? Time will tell. A new normal does appear to be taking shape.

As a Christian leader, I choose to be optimistic about our future. We are, “Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ,” that Titus 2:13 speaks of.

Our future is certain. Jesus Christ will come for His children. and we will spend a blessed eternity in His wonderful presence. His appearing is imminent. Even so come, Lord Jesus.

As we look forward to the fulfillment of our hope in almighty God, we remain steadfast in our work for His kingdom in this latter day. The darker the hour, the brighter the light of hope.

As light in the world, we will stand brightly in difficult times and boldly proclaim the love of God and His offer of salvation to the sinner. Through these difficult times, I sincerely expect many to come, humble and yearning.

Our society struggles with poverty, hunger, homelessness, and social injustice. Chrisitians have open doors to impact many lives. To offer help in the name of Christ is a blessing that we should all pursue. Opportunities abound. We can look upon the fields white unto harvest in need of the gospel of our beloved Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.

The church mobilized will make a difference that we have never witnessed before. The night is far spent. Our moment has come. Today, amidst the hardship, we can influence an entire generation for Christ. The world seeks deliverence. We have the solution, Jesus Christ.

We have a strategic opportunity at this moment in history. By the grace of God and His sufficiency, we can do great things. We can be optimistic about this great door that has been opened for this season. Let us be encouraged by looking upward in faith.

These are defining days. May God grant this generation of Chrisitians to shake the kingdom for His glory.

Have a great week and remember, Jesus loves you.

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